Best Apps for Russian Brides Dating [2021 List]

We’ve all heard the myths surrounding Russian brides, but have you ever thought about if it was a real thing or not? 

Believe it or not, there are websites out there that do connect you to these beautiful Russian women looking for a husband to have a new life in the States. There are thousands of brides that come into the U.S. each year through Russian Brides websites. You won’t have to travel all the way over to Russia to find yourself a hot foreign girl to flirt with, and if you’ve got the charm, make your wife. 

But just a warning, these are NOT hookup sites! If you’re looking to bang then you should look elsewhere!

If you’re curious about the concept or are actively seeking your own mail-order bride, here are a few sites where you can find some of the hottest girls you’ve ever seen. 

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One of the most trusted and successful Russian Brides dating site is RussianBrides. They’ve been around long enough and have had plenty of success stories to build up a good reputation among the mail-order bride community. 

RussianBrides not only specializes in connecting you to hot Russian women but women from Ukraine as well! You also never have to worry about whether or not these girls are actually real and look the way they do in their photos. 

RussianBrides has an anti-scam policy and also personally photographs every female member on the site through AnastasiaDate, and have offices in both the U.S. and Russia. 

Signing up for RussianBrides so you can talk to these women takes less than 30 seconds — one of the fastest sign-up processes I’ve experienced so you can get straight to chatting. All the information you need to include is your name, e-mail address, and to set a password. When you’re finally in, you could select any woman from a grid of profiles to begin chatting. 

While you’re browsing on RussianBrides, you can expect a shit-ton of women to begin messaging you right away. This may be because they’re desperate or truly intrigued by you, but either way, having hot foreign women want to talk to you is never a bad thing. 

The profiles seem 100% authentic. It appears that these girls write their own descriptions and messages because you’ll notice the imperfect English and grammar within their writing. You can also browse around and chat at the same time with RussianBride’s convenient dual-screen feature.

Unlike other sites, RussianBrides does not require you to upgrade to view these women’s profiles and even send them a message. However, if you’re looking to continue the conversation and keep chatting with these women, you’ll need to upgrade for that. But it’s well worth it; these girls pay special attention to you and want to flirt. 

One of the neat features on RussianBrides is “Let’s Mingle,” where you can type out a message that will be shared with multiple women that are best suited for you and can be used with the purchase of credits. 

You can also build your profile on RussianBrides with photos, videos, your interests, and fill out an about you section and your ideal partner for the women on the site to learn more about you. 

RussianBrides is a site that can be wholly trusted to match you up with someone to flirt with, or even better, marry! 

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The next site you need to know if you’re looking to land a Russian bride is Ru-Brides. Whether you just want to have a fling with a strikingly beautiful girl, to date her or find your spouse, Ru-Brides can help you find what you’re looking for. They have women on their site from the Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. 

Ru-Brides has also been around for quite some time now and has had many successes in international dating. Their site works as a platform to help you meet, chat with, flirt, and establish a romantic relationship with a girl. Their security team actively checks and reviews all profiles, and the photos of each girl are professionally taken, so you know each one is who they say they are. 

To view these women and what kinds of girls Ru-Brides has on their site, you don’t even have to sign up. 

When you log on to Ru-brides, the first thing you notice is a large grid of exotic women’s photos from Europe. You can see a woman’s age, name, and a video clip of what looks like a live cam. If you want to find out more, all you need to do is click on their picture, and you’ll get redirected to their profile. 

The profiles of each girl share information such as where they live, marital status, if they have any children, and English level, among other things. They also write their own descriptions, which you can make out despite the broken English, and their description of their ideal partner. 

You’ll also be able to view a good amount of photos but will need to make your account to see all of their pictures. 

If you want to see more women, Ru-Brides has a feature called the “Women Gallery” where you can view all the profiles of their members, as well as see who’s currently online and available to chat. 

What’s different about Ru-Brides is that you can video chat with these girls right off the bat, and they do go live, so you have the opportunity to see them before ever meeting them. 

You’ll fall in love with the girls on Ru-Brides through their photos alone. They have professional quality portraits done to show off their incredible looks, and by getting to know them through chat, you’ll be sure to find the one you want to make your wife. 

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While they don’t have the professional-grade portraits, the women on RoseBrides are just as beautiful and searching for their partner in life just as you are. 

The mission of RoseBrides is to connect you to foreign women who are eager to meet you, someone from the West. RoseBrides is a “marriage-minded” site, and you should know that everyone who signs up for this site is looking to get married. 

Though you may have your mindset on finding a Russian Bride, you have the option of looking at women from different countries from all over the world on RoseBrides. You may think you want one thing, but come across something else and end up with something entirely different than what you intended. 

There are brides from Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Australia, and the Caribbean, to name a few of the places RoseBride’s girls come from. The profile layout of each of these girls is similar to that on the previously mentioned Russian Brides sites. There are a few profile pictures, and “about me” section, “about my match” section, and their personality and interests. 

You won’t be able to click on any profile photos to view, however, without creating your account first. 

RoseBrides also has many resources available to help you out with your search and process for obtaining a “mail-order bride.” There are several articles on their site that detail how to get started on their website to meet women, safe dating, international dating advice, sugar daddy dating, and many other topics you might need help with. 

Women on the site can also view and browse through the profiles of you and other men from all over the world. This means that in order to stand out, you’ll have to make a really good profile. 

But don’t worry, RoseBrides has an article for that. 

The profiles on this site are genuine, and there’s an abundance of foreign women to choose from. 

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