Best Teen Dating Apps: Free & safe apps for online chat

Using the power of location tracking, it’s easy for girls to sign up and start scouting for dick – and vice versa. And I know meeting hot teen girls can be a difficult task, but these three free apps might be able to help you out. 

Some of these apps are free to use while some of them either require a membership to enjoy to their full effect or you should buy the membership just to get rid of the thousands of ads being thrown at your face. Either way, they’re a sure-fire way to meet teens in your area. 

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OK, so this one is for anyone over 18. Girls who are 18 and 19 are still teenagers, right? Yeah. is a website (and app) that lets you connect with tons of legal teen girls that just so happen to be in your area. I know you’ve heard it a thousand times before, but it’s true. 

Teenfuckdates isn’t just another ‘meet and fuck‘ scam either. Hundreds of girls from my county are actually signed up and willing to trade pics. A lot of the girls on the app are also looking to trade Snapchat usernames with you, so if you don’t have one of those; it’s time to pony up and get one. 

There are also some pretty unique features that set this app apart from the rest. For instance, there’s something called “Top Search Result” that lets you become the first result when other girls look up your username. This gets you a ton of new matches when you turn it on. 

However, if you want to use this feature along with all the other ones, you’ll have to pay up a little. Nothing in this world is free, and that includes all the best parts of Teenfuckdates. For a monthly membership, you’re going to have to pay a sum of $28.80. 

Not bad really, considering you also get full access to a site called, which is the dating site’s very own porn site, filled to the top with high-quality videos of teens doing everything under the sun. 

Another great part about this site is how busy it is. Constantly teaming with activity, Teenfuckdates is a place where you can meet hot teens near you without even trying – which is why it’s #1 on my list. If you’re curious, you can read our full review on

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Yellow (Yubo)

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Alright, this one is for the youngins out there who might be having a little trouble with the ladies. 

Yubo (formerly Yellow) is an app designed for actual teenagers to meet other teenagers and maybe possibly trade Snapchats. Since Yubo is technically a ‘friendship’ app, it welcomes guys to meet guy and girls to meet girls, and anyone under 18 can meet and interact with each other. 

Of course, that’s not how it was originally used. Seeing the potential in this platform, some of the scummiest people on earth took advantage of the system to creep on underage girls. This caused outrage by parents, and the app was forced to change its name and a few key features of the app. Probably a good idea. 

The way the app works is… well, basically like Tinder, but for friends. You sign up and upload a few pictures of yourself and based on those pictures; people decide if they want to swipe left or right to match. Seems like kind of an odd way to make friends, but it makes it easy to get snapshots and trade Instagram usernames. 

If you’re just looking to make friends or if you want to find your soulmate then you might want to check out Yubo. Even though its community is small, it’s a good way to find someone whos interested in you without using Tinder. Just make sure you’re looking for girls your own age you monsters. 

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Skout is an app that lets you connect with random people in your area with ease. You might even be able to find a hookup close to you too. There is a huge list of features you can use with the VIP membership. One of the best features I found was the ability to shake your phone and instantly connect with someone in your area who is also interested in chatting. 

Skout is a free app, but if you don’t buy the membership, you’ll be closing pop up ads located on your screen for hours on end. Scrolling becomes impossible when every 3 inches of the screen you scroll to contains an ad that auto-opens no matter what. You don’t even have to click on the ads either. When you simply touch your screen at all while on the page, the ad’s site will start opening up. 

Its design reminds me a lot of Facebook’s, which is probably why it’s so easy to use. Even if you’re using it for the first time, it feels like you’ve been using it for years. The menu bar on the bottom makes it easy to select the web chatting feature that lets you chat with anyone in your area who’s online. 

These kinds of features, however, can have some downsides. For example, when I logged onto my Skout homepage today, my messages box was completely full to the top with messages from randoms from far and wide. Also, if you’re online and you try to browse your newsfeed, it’s likely that you’ll be bombarded with messages for chat invites. 

Another one of the coolest features that come with a membership to Skout is something called ‘Buzz.’ Buzz lets users who are interested in meeting up in person do exactly that. Be careful though because people who are interested in hanging out in real life can sometimes not be what they seem. Watch out for kidnappers when using this feature though – and if you’re a kidnapper… don’t get any fuckin’ ideas pal. 

In short; Skout is the perfect app for people in a new city looking to find someone to hang out with. Whether that be a sexual encounter or not is up to the both of you. If you’re a teen looking for other teens, then you should get the app, try it out, and then if you really like it, buy the VIP membership. 

You can buy the one-month subscription for $9.99. There are also options for getting a three-month membership for $24.99 or a twelve-month subscription for $69.99. The twelve-month seems a little drastic, but if you want that kind of commitment then, do your thing. Making it to #3 on my list, I can safely say that Skout is the real thing and it’s definitely worth your time. 

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