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The Top 3 Snapchat Sex Apps to Get You Laid Tonight

While there are many dating sites out there that claim to hook you up with hot girls in your area, how many of these have you actually found to work?

How do you know which sites you can trust?

One form of these sites come in Snapchat sex websites, meaning that the sites are created to help you hook up with women through Snapchat. To do this, they take into account your location, age, what you're seeking, your preferences in women, and give you their usernames from there.

They can also double as hook up sites of their own, where you can chat with other members and share explicit photos and talk to even more people through there.

To take some of the fear and confusion out of your decision making when it comes to which Snapchat sex apps you should use for hooking up, here are three trusted sites to help you get laid.


One of the most popular and secure Snapchat sex websites is SnapSext.

Despite their name, you don't actually need a Snapchat or to use it to access the sex, and isn't really an app at all. Instead, SnapSext is a website that exists for people who would like to trade naked pictures and hook up online with people in their area, or all over.

You can chat with people through group or video chat, message privately with other members, and of course, share photos and videos with one another.

Signing up for SnapSext is easy and free, and will only take you a few minutes. You will be asked a few simple questions to gather some important info on you, such as your gender, location, age, and what you're seeking to help you experience when using SnapSext.

The best thing about SnapSext and the reason you'll love it too is that they take real care into ensuring no fake profiles exist on the site. This means that every account you see on SnapSext are real girls and the photos and videos shared come from real women wanting to hook up.

But as with most good things, they come with a price.

SnapSext offers new users a selection of three different membership prices, and two trial prices, and must select an option before beginning to use their site, so make sure you have your payment card info ready at hand.

Once you get going on SnapSext, however, you'll see why it's worth it and why they've had over 11 years of happy customers - and if you can't get a hook up within three months, they'll gladly give you three months free!


Up next on the list we have SnapSex, a site with the goal of getting you girls' Snapchat usernames, sending snaps, sexting, and eventually meeting for sex with real women.

This means that you will have to have a Snapchat account, and you'll actually get some good use out of it!

Once you log onto SnapSex, you'll see their layout and design is much more savvy and modern than SenapSext (don't get confused with the similar names). There's also no missing the giant blue button on the homepage that prompts you to "Enter SnapSex" with their fast and free 4-step sign up.

The four questions they ask before sign up mostly deal with discretions and if you're willing to keep the identity of the girls you're about to see a secret, and if you're okay with viewing explicit content. From there, you will be asked which body types you prefer, the age range of girls you're interested in, what you're looking for, and the desired distance between you and the girls you match with.

The only thing that comes off as a bit scam-like, but I swear isn't, is the fact that you will be asked to put down a card for your free membership. This is so that you can get a free Gold trial membership and have it renew monthly automatically, but this can be canceled without it affecting your free membership.

To get you started, you'll notice that upon entering SnapSex there is a list of snap codes at the top of their page which will automatically add upon scanning a female's story full of nudity.

With everything being free to use on SnapSex, it's worth a shot, and the fact that you can get a free snap code of a few real Snapchat girls without even signing up is an excellent indicator of a site that works.


As you might guess by the name, SnapCheat is a site that helps you find girls in your area who want to cheat on their partners with you and want to fuck.

Once you enter the site, you'll see many questions that pop up one after the other once you answer them, accompanied by real Snapchat nudes of girls in the background. After you've responded to all the questions about discretions, your age, and what you'll be getting into by using the site, you'll be asked to verify that you are a real person.

This is awesome for people with trust issues when it comes to sites like these that make promises to find you girls to fuck, and puts your mind at ease if you wonder if all the profiles you see are real.

On SnapCheat, it's a guarantee that everyone on there isn't a fake profile because every person who signs up must go through this verification process.

After that, you'll be asked a few more questions in the same manner about your preferences of girls, and you'll be ready to enter your e-mail address to create your account and get your list of local Snapchat usernames.

One thing that does raise concern about SnapCheat is that you get the same exact window that pops us on SnapSex after signing up which asks to put down a payment method for free membership.

But other than that, this website seems pretty legit, and actually has something to do with Snapchat. If you're looking to take a risk and do something naughty, like helping a girl cheat on her boyfriend and fuck you, then you should try out this site.

If you're daring enough.

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