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We all remember the glory days of text messages. Everyone was constantly on their phones just sending quick messages to each other using T9 texting, and the world seemed right. Then, stories broke about this hot new craze all the kids are getting into.

Sexting, they called it, was born. Whether you were sending long-winded roleplay messages to your girlfriend or receiving some scandalous bathroom mirror selfies from the girl two lockers down from you, you were participating in the new sensation that would change the game forever.

Sextlocal is making sexting great again by allowing you to find hot girls in your area that are down to sext some poetic filth straight to you free of charge. Let’s explore what makes this site so special… or not.

First Impressions

When you get into this site, it asks you a few questions before you can get started setting up your account. These questions are designed to teach the site’s algorithm what kinds of girls you’re into (age/sexual orientation/body type). Then all you have to do is enter your email and age.

For some reason, they don’t want to have anyone on the site whos under 24, as a result of harassment from immature users on the site, which is a shame, but it’s nice to see that Sextlocal actually cares about their users’ experience and comfort level.

In order to verify your age, the site requires you to enter your card info just before entering the site. This can be pretty annoying, but at least it’s free.

After reading some of the testimonials, I can tell that this site is something special. Not only were there reviews from guys who have had some success using the site, but also women who showered it with praise. First impressions are looking good for Sextlocal, but it’s time to really sink our teeth into what this site has to offer.


Besides a ton of user controllability and a beautiful user-interface, Sextlocal has a lot of features to offer anyone whos willing to sign up.

Almost all ‘meet and fuck’ sites nowadays have some level of user customization that lets the user control the types of people they connect with, so it’s no surprise that Sextlocal does too. You might not think that it matters what kind of girls you’re messaging because you can’t see them but you’d be forgetting the best part of these kinds of messaging-based hookups; the Snapchats. That’s right, most of these girls are horny and waiting for you to snap them and fulfill all of their wildest dreams.

Unlike a few other ‘meet and fuck’ sites I’ve used in the past, Sextlocal lets you send messages to your matches and doesn’t charge you to read them when you get started. Nothing is more frustrating than a site that advertises itself as ‘free’ but then charges you to access every single feature on the site.

Using the navigation bar alone, it’s easy to see you can edit your profile under ‘My Profile’, check your notifications, and visit your inbox. None of this surprised me, but then I saw one link that said ‘scoreboard’. I looked into it, and it turns out, there’s a scoring system used on the site to determine whos the most popular among its users. I’ve never seen a feature like this on a ‘meet and fuck’ site so that’s worth some extra points for sure.

Pricing and Membership Details

After reluctantly entering my card info to access the site, I was greeted with a page asking me if I want a GOLD membership with the site. This GOLD membership lets you do things you wouldn’t be able to do on the site without it. For example, paying for a membership will let you view the scoreboard, send unlimited messages, use the search function, etc.

All of these features, plus more, are unlocked by paying $39.95 a month for GOLD. Using this site may not be enough for you, however, so Sextlocal gives you the opportunity to use their very own cam site so you can watch all these hot girls strip on cam amongst other things…

And if the built-in cam site still isn’t enough, you can gain access to, a top-notch streaming site full of thousands of naughty videos ready to be viewed in full HD whenever you please. Membership for this feature is going to cost you $49.61 a month until you cancel. In my opinion, it’s well worth it. Nothing irks me more than watching porn in 480p.

One of the more underwhelming features this site has to offer is the ‘online now’ notification. I mean, it’s fairly necessary for one-on-one chats, but it’s not something you should have to pay for.


The usability of the site far surpasses other similar sites I’ve used in the past. You’re allowed to send messages and receive them without any other payment to the site other than entering your card info. Once you unlock this site’s full potential, it’s easy to get started looking for the best girls to message without getting caught up in pop up ads and fake profiles.

The scoreboard system lets you explore all the site’s users and see what makes them so great. It’s a unique feature I’ve personally never seen before. You can dive into their profiles and explore what makes them so desirable. This lets you check out pro strategies you can use yourself to help you find the best people to sext in no time at all.

No fake profiles are going to spam your inbox. This is what makes this site so great for me. I can’t stand when my account gets bombarded with fake messages like, “hey big guy, you’re cute” followed by “can we meet up?”. Like, c’mon. I know it’s easy to find girls to chat with, but it’s not that easy. Nothing is that easy.

The site’s cam site extension is outstanding. Unlike other cam sites, this one actually features models that use the site. I know this because one of them contacted me and after chatting for a minute, she told me to check out her cam session. I don’t know if she was paid for messaging me but either way, I had a good time.


Sometimes Sextlocal can be a little slow. I don’t know if it’s all the users active on the site at once or what, but every once in a while it’ll either become unresponsive or close itself. It might just be a reaction to my adblock, but it’s annoying regardless.

The fact that you have to literally enter all your card info before you can gain access to this ‘free’ site is shitty. I shouldn’t have to give up personal information like that to any website online unless I’m purchasing something, even if it’s getting me laid.

There aren’t a ton of fake profiles, but I’ve encountered a couple that lessened my experience. Whenever you run into an aggressive bot on a site like this, it pulls you out of the experience pretty fast. Even though I paid for the gold membership, I still got attacked by a few bots who were trying to get me to enter my card info for some sketch website.

The membership is too expensive. There are countless other dating sites that’ll charge you around $20-$30 at the most for access to basic features such as the search function, but at $39.95 is just too much for what you’re getting.


Although Sextlocal is pretty sketchy looking, it has a surprising amount of usability. The interface is easy to use, and browsing profiles is a breeze. Sadly, if you want to access any of the key features on this site, you’re going to have to cough up quite a bit of cash.

With a monthly fee of $39.95 and an added fee of $49.61 for access to their HD streaming site,, paying for this site can leave a few chunks missing from your account.

I’m giving Sextlocal 3/5 stars because they offer you the ability to meet tons of sexy girls near you who want to get filthy over the phone, but they also charge the living shit out of you in exchange. If you think it’s worth it, check it out yourself. If you’d rather just stick to asking girls for their Snapchats at parties, you might have your wits about you.

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