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This international dating site connects you with women from around the world.
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If you’re going to use a dating site, then you might as well have fun with it and experience what women from other countries have to offer. You might’ve heard of the concept of Russian brides or mail-order brides, but what truth do they have to them?

Where would you even meet them?

Well, they’re on Rosebrides — the international online dating site bringing you women from Russia and Eastern Europe, as well as Asian and Latin American women. So not only can you experience Russian or Ukranian women, but other ethnic women you otherwise would never be able to talk to.

The goal of Rose Brides is to help you meet women from these foreign countries and bring you together, in hopes of you finding your perfect match to bring home, sometimes known as a “mail order bride”. But that’s only if the two of you connect and actually can have some sort of happiness together; in other words, you don’t “pay” for a bride to marry and bring home.

You have to put in the effort to get to know a woman on Rose Brides before you decide to visit her, or more importantly, marry her or bring her overseas to you.

If you think you’re up for the challenge and want to see what this site is all about, take a look at this in-depth Rose Brides review.

First Impression

Rose Brides has a nice and lengthy welcome message on the homepage of their site to introduce you to who they are and what they do. Their website is very informative and provides a lot of details on what their service is and how to connect with the foreign women on their site.

Scrolling down, you can see more of their resources and articles on the information you would have questions about when internationally online dating, such as travel and meeting in person, as well as visa and immigration information.

Also available on the homepage are some of the brides they have on the site’s profiles, and feature the newest women and the top-rated ones. I noticed that they have a good age range of women, from 18 years old all the way up to those in their 50s.

Browsing even more profiles is easy, and doesn’t require sign-up yet at this point. The sidebar on the website includes a quick search, where you can enter your gender, what gender you’re seeking, their age, and what country they’re from, and get results of all profiles that match your criteria. There are also two categories that read ‘Mail Order Brides’ and ‘Single Men’ where you can select to view the newest, top-rated, online now, or all brides and men. If you want to browse by age or by country, you can also choose that here.

When you’re done browsing and ready to sign-up to start interacting with the women’s profiles you see, you can click on the ‘Sign Up’ tab at the top of the page, and begin entering the necessary information. The sign-up process is similar to any other website you’ve created an account on; they ask for all the basic information of name, age, birthday, location, etc. It should take you no more than a minute.

The next step in setting up your profile is uploading a profile picture of your choosing, along with any additional photos you want to have on your profile. There are some guidelines to the photos you upload, which you can read about by scrolling down this same window to make sure you’re uploading the right pictures at their best quality. You might think photo guidelines are unnecessary, but there’s a science to having the best profile photos for online dating success, and when you’re talking to women in other countries, it’s important they see you for who you really are.

The next step is to select your physical info which includes height, weight, body type, etc., the ever so famous online dating description of yourself, as well as a description of the person you’d like to meet, and some more info about yourself that includes more lifestyle choices. Since you’re internationally dating on Rosebrides, they take personality and interests seriously so people can really get to know one another before making any hasty decision, and one way to show the type of person you are is through answering some, well, personality and interests questions!

Rosebrides asks a few different questions on this topic, and you can select as many of their answers that apply to you. I like that there’s a strong focus on who each person is and goes beyond the profile photos.

After this step, all you need to do is verify your e-mail address to use the site by heading over to your mail inbox with which you signed up, and enter the code sent to you.

It’s always a little skeptical when you just signed up for a dating site – specifically a russian bride dating service – and already have tons of matches and mutual matches, but I think Rosebrides does this to show you some profiles you’d be interested in. None of these profiles look fake, and all of their photos seem genuine. There’s no way to tell if they really matched with you or not, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea to have some options laid out for you.

Rose Brides Features

Communication tools are often reserved for members with paid memberships, and unfortunately, that’s the way it works on Rosebrides as well.

However, there are a couple of features you can use freely without paying for a membership just yet. While you can’t send a typed out message of your own to someone on Rosebrides, you can send a hello. Sending a hello sends the girl of your choosing an automated message from you that basically states that you’d like to learn more about this person and asks them if they’d like to chat with you. These are free to send so long as you have a photo on your profile.

There’s also something called ‘Hot Lists’ on Rose Brides where it shows all activity with members you’ve Hot Listed. In this area, you can also view your ‘Sparks Lists’ which, if activity is shown, means that you have electricity that could ignite a relationship. You can also keep track of members who’ve e-mailed you, hot listed you, viewed you, and vice versa for those you’ve done these things for.

A more advanced search tool than the Quick Search is also available to search for members with more criteria. You can choose the desired languages spoken by the girl you’re looking for, for example, as well as activities they like to do and favorite foods, among other things.

Pricing & Membership Benefits

Rose Brides charges a flat monthly rate for all of their subscription options, with no hidden fees or limitations on communication tools.

The only benefit, but the most important, that you get out of a subscription to Rose Bride’s Premium Membership being able to message women. You obviously would need that to talk to women on the site and continue conversations with them. Even if a woman replied to your Hello, you wouldn’t be able to write back.

To get access to all messaging and communication tools, you can opt for a 6-month membership for $25 per month, a 3-month membership for $30 per month, or a 1-month membership for $49 per month. Rosebrides collects their payment at once, so if you chose the 6-month option, you’d be billed one fee of $150, or $90 for the 3-month option. Both the 1-month and 3-month plans automatically renew at the end of the term unless you cancel, while the 6-month membership does not automatically renew.

Advantages of Rose Brides

There are no fake profiles on this site, and all conversation is genuine. While you may start off with some fake matches, the profiles are real and worth talking to.

A lot of women use this site, so you’ll always have someone to talk to and won’t get bored of your options since they come from all over the world.

The site is also easy to navigate, and there are no extra features that are unnecessary and stick to the conversation.

Disadvantages of Rose Brides

Messaging anyone on Rose Brides is impossible without a subscription, so you’ll have to throw some cash at the site if you want to try it out.

Should you try Rose Brides?

Rose Brides is one of the more trusted and successful sites when it comes to Russian bride dating and finding someone that’s from another country. You can find an abundance of women on this site looking for something genuine, and you’ll enjoy talking to these lovely ladies.

Rosebrides gets 4/5 Stars.

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