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For years the meet and fuck website has been prevalent in some of the darkest corners of the internet. Times are changing, however. With the rise of apps like Tinder, the sexy social media site genre has exploded.

With people everywhere trying to get a piece of this cyber-sexual pie, I thought it would be a good idea to check out a site I’ve heard a lot about;

Being somewhat of a connoisseur in this field of sexual study, I should be able to give you the best possible review of this dating and hookup site, so let’s dive right in to the full Meet n Fuck review.

First Impressions

Even before signing up, I’m greeted by a survey asking me how old I want my matches to be, what kinds of body-types I’m into, and a short test to make sure I’m not a robot.

After entering my email address, I was immediately brought to a screen asking me to verify my age by entering my card information. It’s almost implying that you have to enter your card info to access the site, but this isn’t the case, as there is a ‘no thanks’ button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen – thank god.

After brazenly putting in my card info, I was brought to a bubbly homepage littered with girls ages 18-35 who were looking for me just as hard as I was looking for them. A little hard to believe but I decided to do a little more investigating.

Just moments after activating my account, I received a couple of messages from some cute girls asking me some more than personal questions. Although these might have been robots or catfish, there were definitely some real girls on my list of matches. I know this because I went to high school with a couple of them.


Upon first glance, this site seems too good to be true, but when you take a closer look, it’s obvious that there’s more at play here.

This site actually allows you to select certain body-types you’re interested in. So for example, I selected girls 18-35 who have a fit body and a more than average ass. I told the site I didn’t care much for large breasts and to my surprise, there isn’t a single girl I’ve matched with who has over a C cup.

You can browse the pictures of your potential matches (which is about 3-4 pictures), but if you match with someone, you get to browse their entire library. It’s almost like an Instagram account for NSFW photos.

If you don’t want to talk to someone anymore, then you can go ahead and either unmatch or block them so they cannot contact you anymore. This was likely put in place so girls could end conversations before the guys get a little too aggressive but I guess it could go the other way around.

Pricing and Membership Details

Although you have to enter your card info to enter the site, you don’t actually get the premium features until you commit to either a monthly membership or a quarterly membership.

Because Meet n Fuck is a cut above the rest, the membership fees are a little steep. If you want to enjoy the company of these girls on the site, you’ll have to cough up $39.95 every 30 days. If you sign up with the quarterly option, you’re looking at $59.95 every 90 days

Some of the membership perks are the best parts of the site. You get an outstanding cam site that doubles as a streaming site for naughty videos. There’s also a ton of user-submitted content there from the girls on the site.

I’m not sure if these girls are paid by the site but either way, it’s a good time.


The layout is simple and easy to use. You shouldn’t have any trouble with finding your matches or sending them messages. Some of the buttons of the site don’t work, but they’ll probably fix that relatively soon so I wouldn’t worry about it.

The site isn’t intimidating. Unlike some other meet and fuck sites I’ve browsed – like Instabang and Fuckbook, this one doesn’t show you super raunchy photos right off the bat. The homepage is bubbly with a touch of sexiness.

There are a lot of younger girls on this site around the range of 18-25. Compared to other sites, has a pretty small selection of women available. This may be considered a con to some people but not to me.

There’s an included cam site available for people who pay for a premium membership. Let me rephrase that… There’s a fucking amazing cam site available for the premium members. You can also download as many videos as you want with no limit from their video streamer.


Without paying, you don’t get to have nearly as much fun. Sure, there are girls to message, but you only get a limited amount of messages with that specific girl before the site ends it. Kind of a bummer if you want to build lasting relationships for free, but I guess you could always just grow some balls and ask for her Snapchat.

Advertisements. There’s a ton of them. I installed Adblock before accessing the site, so I know how many threats were intercepted. If you don’t install Adblock, you’ll need to go ahead and buy the premium version to remove them.

Sometimes the videos don’t load correctly. Nothing is more frustrating than when you’re tenderizing your meat and your browser stops working all of a sudden. Trust me – I know.

The people on the site sometimes seem like they could be fake. I know not ALL of them are fake but I’d say about half my matches were either catfish or bots. This isn’t much of a problem however because they’re super easy to pick apart from the real thing.


OK so I’ve used a lot of meet and fuck styled sites before and I’ve paid for even more, so I can tell you confidently that this site is the real deal.

The overall feel of the site is fun and relaxed without being boring. The girls are hotter than hell. The interface works pretty well most of the time AND you get access to a cam site with a premium membership.

I’m giving Meet n Fuck a solid 4/5 for exceeding my expectations. I assumed it was going to be just another scam artist trying to gain access to my wallet but was pleasantly surprised to find out it was legit. I’ll be revisiting this site for sure.

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