Here Are the Top 5 Lesbian Dating Apps [2021 List]

I’ve heard from friends that lesbian dating is much different from heterosexual dating. That at times, it feels like every lesbian knows one another and it’s hard to meet women your friends or exes haven’t already dated, especially locally. The lesbian bar scene has significantly died down, as well, and takes out another option for these women to meet somebody. 

That’s why lesbians have taken dating apps and services by storm and used them to meet people in their area that maybe they don’t know, or want to know. 

If you find yourself tired of using mobile dating apps that don’t cater to lesbians specifically or take their interests in mind, then I have a few apps for you to try. 

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If you’re queer, then you’ve probably already heard of HER, a dating app for lesbian, bisexual, and queer people. HER is deeply focused and rooted in building a community for queer people and lesbians through their app so that you not only can look for a lover but also new friends, travel buddies, and ride or dies. Their mission is for you to find the freedom to be yourself, and find her. They want to connect women and queer people. 

It’s one of the more popular dating apps for lesbians to meet one another and is a great one because it was created to keep queer women in mind specifically. It’s a non-discriminating app where non-binary as well as cisgender queers can go to find a safe space and an opportunity to meet others in their community. 

HER is different from other apps because of the community feel they give off. The way HER works is that they operate more like a social media app than a dating app, but still include all of the fundamental principles of one. You can create a profile and even view suggested queer events in your area to not only meet people online but in real life, too. 

You sign up with HER through either your Facebook or Instagram account and need to turn on your location sharing with the app so they can show you profiles of people nearby. If you chose to use your Instagram to log in, all your media would be displayed on your profile already, and the same goes for Facebook log-ins. 

Unfortunately, the one thing not-so-different about HER is that you’ll be forced to endure more endless swiping. If you’re not familiar with the swiping algorithm on dating apps, though I assume by now you should be, you swipe left to pass on someone and swipe right to like them. Some of the features included on the HER app are, of course, chats, notifications, and a feed. The feed is what makes HER feel like a social meed app and shows posts from your matches and friends, as well as updates from the app. 

There’s also a Communities feature where you can join up to 3 communities to be a part of and see posts of. Some of the communities on HER that you can join are Pride Celebrations, News & Entertainment, and Artists, Musicians & Creators. The Events tab of your feed also shows you popular events near you and around the world, whos going, and works similar to Facebook events. 

There’s a lot to do and see on the HER app, the only way to know everything you can do on there is to download it! 

You can get HER on the App Store and Google Play. 

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The next lesbian dating app to try in 2019 is FEM, where you can meet women through videos. FEM believes in safety and thinks it’s important for humans to meet other humans, so members can upload their videos to their profiles and have a video profile, but if you’re on the shyer side, you can still choose to upload just pictures. You can see the photos and videos of people nearby to connect with those in your area. 

One of the ways you can connect with women on the app is through their group chat feature, which lets you talk to multiple people at once in different rooms. 

The only negative to FEM is that it’s exclusive to Android users, which without intending to, reduces the pool of lesbian, bisexual, and other queer women from the app. Nonetheless, there’s still a significant amount of users on FEM, so I’m more than sure you can meet someone through there. 

Unlike HER, you can create an account on FEM just using your e-mail, and can then edit your profile and include a profile photo or video, depending on what you’re most comfortable with. If you really want to stand out, though, and introduce yourself to people properly, you can do that better through a video than a photo. 

One of the best things about FEM is that communication is unlimited, even with free accounts. You can message an unlimited amount of people, an unlimited amount of times. There are also video chat rooms you can enter to meet and talk with people. 

The way you let someone know you like them on FEM is to (heart) them, which is basically just tapping on the heart emoticon on someone’s profile and “liking” them. 

If you think FEM sounds like fun to you, then I highly suggest you try this app. 

Get it on the Google Play store and have some fun with FEM

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One of the newer lesbian dating apps on the market is Zoe. You have the option to log-in to Zoe with your Facebook or Instagram account, or just by using your e-mail address. Once you do that, all you have to do is set a profile picture, and you can get started on swiping left or right on people nearby. 

Just like with most dating apps today, you can set some filters for desired age and the distance between you and someone else. You can also state what you’re looking for and sexuality, but that’s a premium feature. Zoe also has sort of a feed going on within the app, but it’s nothing like HER’s. You can also check out who likes you and your swipes, with a premium membership. 

While you’re swiping, you’ll come across some questions to answer about yourself to add to your profile and questionnaire categories. These categories include questions about your lifestyle, dating, and fun. Answering these questions helps you get matched better with someone who coincides with your answers. 

Another cool feature about Zoe is the verification tool to get a special badge that lets people know you’re a real person. All you have to do is take a photo, that won’t be uploaded publicly, copying a gesture provided for you. 

Everyone knows that if you’re verified on dating apps as being who you say you are, you’re likely to get more matches. That’s because people like to know who they’re talking to is real. 

If you want to try out Zoe and see how this dating app defers from the rest, give it a download. You can find Zoe on both the App Store and Google Play. 

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