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Great dating apps that are exclusive to Android come once in a blue moon.


Here’s that blue moon — in the form of Fem!

Fem is one of the leading lesbian dating apps on Android and is marketed as a video dating app.

Fem is for lesbian and bi-curious people; if you like the ladies, then Fem is for you. Don’t let the name fool you; you don’t have to be a femme to use this app, and it isn’t only for those seeking femmes.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “What the f**k is a video dating app? How can it be different from any other lesbian dating app I can download?”

Those questions and more will be answered in this in-depth review of Fem to help you Android users decide if it’s worth the download or not.

First Impression

All the buttons and icons in the Fem app are visible and user-friendly. The app is easy to navigate for anyone who uses dating apps regularly, and even if you don’t, you’ll get the hang of it within minutes. They have a sleek design, and the color red is heavily used in this app. Now, to answer the first question, the reason why Fem is considered a video dating app is that people can use profile videos instead of pictures to introduce themselves. Audio files are also an option, but you’ll find that most people either opt for profile photos and videos.

Instead of just swiping left and right on people, you can browse video profiles and like those you’re interested in, and if they check you out and like you back, it’s a match. I really like this idea because it makes getting catfished on Fem obsolete. If someone has a video on their profile then you know they’re really who they say they are.

To navigate yourself around the Fem app is nothing anyone with some tech knowledge can’t do. At the bottom of the screen are four different tabs to move from to explore the app and what it has to offer. One of these is the “Meet” tab, where you can view profiles, watch their videos, and like people. Another one is the “Rooms” tab where all the group chat rooms are located. These rooms are designed to help you meet more people and potential matches because there are multiple people in each room at any given time.

The next two tabs you’ll see in this strip are the “Inbox” and “Me” tabs. Those are pretty self-explanatory; you can access all of your messages in the Inbox and view your profile as well as setting in the “Me” tab.

I found that Fem is basically similar to any other dating app and has most of the same features except their unique video profile layout.

The other, of course, is that it’s for lesbians.


I already mentioned the most divergent element of Fem, which is the video profile thing, but there’s still some more to go over.

If you’re still curious about those chat rooms, I’ll explain them a little more. You can enter any room you want and instantly be connected to everyone in there. People communicate in the rooms by posting videos, photos, and sending texts, of course. It’s a great feature to use when you’re out of town, for example, and want to look for plans or new people to meet up with. All you’d need to do is enter a room such as the “Meet Locals” one and go from there.

Other room topics include “Makeup Talk” and an NSFW “Naughty or Nice” room.

The rest of the features on here are pretty straightforward. You have your “liking” which substitutes for swiping, an inbox where you can view all of your messages, and your profile settings. In your profile settings, you can disclose any information you want about yourself. From your sexuality to gender and age, it’s all there. Pretty standard stuff.

Pricing & Membership Benefits

There’s one more feature I’ve yet to mention, but that’s because it’s exclusive to paying members.

To send “Hi’s” to someone, which is literally a Hi and a quicker way of letting someone know you’re into them, sort of like a Facebook poke, you must purchase coins.

Which brings me to another point;

On Fem, you can either choose to purchase coins and spend them to unlock certain features, or just purchase a Power Account, which is an upgraded membership that unlocks more features.

Let’s start off with the coin purchasing options. You can get 100 coins for $1.99, 1500 coins for $19.99, or 3000 coins for $34.99. Coins let you unlock chat rooms, send “Hi’s,” and unlock your “Fans.”

Similarly, there are three different Power Account payment options. For a full one-year subscription it costs $4.99per month, or $59.99 total. This is probably one of the cheaper one-year subscription prices I’ve ever seen for a dating app. But if you don’t want to commit to a full year, you can get a three-month membership for $9.99 per month, totaling to $29.999, or a one-month membership for $14.99.

With a Power Account, you can get the same things you can with Coins, but with added features. These include allowing users to view who’s liked them, know when their message or “Hi” has been viewed, eliminates in-app ads, places your profile to show up first in the feed, and many more other things.


The video profile feature is amazing because now you can see what someone looks like and sounds like. Hearing the way someone speaks can be a real deal-breaker for some, and now you won’t have to go on the first date to finally hear their voice.

The chat rooms are also cool and make for some NSFW fun when you’re in the mood. It’s like you get the benefits of both a dating app and those sex chat rooms. But don’t worry, Fem is still very dating friendly and you can easily find people that want to date and be in relationships if that’s what you want.


Fem doesn’t show you people based on your location, so some of the people you see while browsing the app might not even be anywhere near you. Also, like with newer apps, and the fact that it’s exclusive to Android users only, makes it so that their user database is fewer than bigger apps like HER… however if Her is to Tinder for lesbians, then Fem is to Hinge.

Conclusion & Rating

I think that Fem is a very good app for Android users and gives them something exclusive. There’s no other app I know of that uses videos as a profile picture and lets you know someone’s demeanor that well without meeting up with them first. Also, the integrated chat rooms help you find friends as well as dates.

If you’re the proud owner of an Android, a lesbian looking for love, and think you’d like Fem, I highly recommend you check it out.

Fem gets 4/5 Stars.

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