HER Review – Find your perfect lesbian lover?

Women seeking women for dating or hookups.

There’s a lot of problems with dating apps in general, but when it comes to lesbian dating, there’s a whole new array of issues to consider.

If there’s one app that does things flawlessly, it’s HER.

HER is one of the leading free dating apps for lesbians on the market, and for a good reason. They’re unlike any dating site I’ve ever seen. Anyone who downloads the app or visits the website will see that LGBTQ empowerment is central to the app. The needs and wants of all queer women are vital to HER.

Any LGBTQ person can tell you that before HER, the lesbian dating app scene was missing something, if not nonexistent. The regular dating apps which still offered gay dating options, like Zoosk, weren’t enough or weren’t quite just right. But with HER, it’s centered around lesbian relationships, so everyone on there is there for the same reason you are — to meet women!

In whatever form that means for you.

HER also makes it a point to be all-inclusive and accepting of all lesbian, bisexual, and queer people.

All this sounded amazing to me, so I decided to give it a try, and made an account. Find out how it went in our full HER app review below.

First Impressions

The HER app has a sleek design and is easy to navigate. Upon the first download, you’ll have to sign-up with HER through your Facebook or Instagram account.

This feature makes it harder for anyone to sign up with fake profiles, since you’ll need a real social media account. I chose to go with my Instagram, and all my media was carried over to my board on HER, which is where all your photos are displayed on your profile.

You can keep any personal information private, and just import your profile photo. Within a few minutes of creating my profile, I already started to get some likes, which means that HER works quickly in putting you out there.

But before I went on to the swiping frenzy I knew I’d be in, I decided to look around the app some more. I discovered the feed tab. Before you can view anything on the feed, you have to choose up to three communities on HER to be a part of. Not only is HER a dating app, but a social media app as well.

Communities are social groups you can join and see posts from the people in them about the category. Some of these categories include Sports Talk, NSFW, Queer Womxn of Color, Recipes & Foodies, and News & Entertainment, among others.

I joined a few of these and soon enough got to see all the posts on each Community in my feed and see many different profiles, not just the ones near me. But after looking through my feed for a while, I decided to start swiping.

It’s easy to move from one thing to the next on HER. There are five different tabs to navigate to and from on the bottom screen. They’ll take you to the Meet area, where you can swipe right or left on people, your Chats, Community and Feed, Notifications, and your Profile.


I’ve already mentioned one of the critical features of HER, which is the Feed and Communities, but there’s one other tab I have yet to mention that can also be accessed here. As you can see, HER is more than just a hookup app; it’s more like a community.

They want people using this dating app to feel connected to their community and provide opportunities to mingle. This is more than just a Tinder-style swiping app, this is a social network for LGBT women too.

You can find these opportunities through the Events tab located in your Feed to meet people in real life. Members of the app post their local queer events and provide descriptions for the event and even ticket links when required. Members can also say if they’re attending and will show on the event, sort of like an RSVP.

For free users, you can enjoy likes, matching, messaging, and read, as well as post, and comment on all Feed posts. This is a lot more than most other dating apps offer, and more than enough to help you find a date, totally for free.

Pricing & Membership Benefits

To get the upgraded version of HER, HER Premium, you can opt for three different payment options.

One month of HER Premium translates to $14.99 per month, while six months is $11.99 per month, and a full one-year subscription is equal to $7.49 per month. In other words, you can choose to pay $14.99 every month or get six months for a total of $71.99, or a full year for $89.99.

I’d say these prices are not too bad, considering some apps charge you well over $100 for a one-year subscription to their Premium features, but on HER, it’ll cost you way less than that.

For a lot of the cooler features, unfortunately, you will have to upgrade to HER Premium. But they seem more than worth it.

One of these features is being able to use MixHER; A more advanced filter tool to help you match with people that line up with what you’re looking for. You can filter by sexual identity, gender, relationship status, and other preferences in this upgraded feature. Without it, you can only filter for age range and distance.

Another feature on HER that can be accessed by upgrading is seeing who’s online now and who’s liked you. On occasion, you will get notified of new people who’ve liked you, but if you’re interested in seeing a full list and knowing everyone who’s liked you, you’ll need to upgrade.

If you’re traveling in another city or suddenly move, you have the option to change your location, too. This will help you meet women on the go and see who’s in the area wherever you travel.

You can also get an unlimited amount of swipes on HER with Premium and rewind profiles to go back to someone you might’ve missed or accidentally skipped on.

Most of us would not like to admit that we care about read receipts, but the majority of the time, we do. If it drives you crazy not to know when someone’s read your message or if they’re ignoring you on purpose or not, you can have read receipts turned on for anyone you chat with HER Premium.


HER is female-oriented and female-powered. It’s an excellent environment for LGBTQ women as well as a dating app. You’ll find more than a date through this app and have a lot of fun doing it.

Since there are so many people who use this app, no matter where you live, you’re sure to find some matches that pique your interest. If you’re looking for love or just a hookup, you’ll find it here. I didn’t find fake profiles, and tons of real people.

The fact that you can message anyone without any limits says a lot about HER. Most apps restrict your communication after a few messages, but you won’t ever have to worry about that on HER.

Even if you’re a free member, you can do everything needed to make connections and get some dates (and maybe even hook up!). The extras that come with Premium only enhance your experience.

The extra features, such as the events section make this much more than a dating app. If you’re just looking to meet new like-minded people, you’ll be able to find something fun going on near you.


There will be a lot of reminders for you to try HER Premium while using this app. It can only be expected for an app that’s remained entirely free for download and use.

Also, you can’t really filter your search to find someone who fits your preferences unless you do upgrade. Instead, if you’re a free user, you can only filter for age and distance.

But other than the lack of user-enhancing features limited to HER Premium, there’s really no other complaints from me. I understand that the creators have to make money, and they’ve been very generous with the free features compared to other apps.

Conclusion & Rating

HER is one of the more fun dating apps I’ve ever used. Switching from dating to social media mode is effortless with the creation of the Feed feature.

This is one app you won’t get bored of, and have the opportunity to meet queer women in all their forms not just in your area, but from all over the world. HER does a great job of connecting women and giving them a platform for hookups, long-term dating, friendship, travel, and fun.

HER gets 5/5 Stars! This site is made specifically for the LGBTQ community and pulls it off better than the rest! If you’re looking for a great lesbian dating site or app, we highly recommend this one.

Ready to try HER?

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How do I send a message on HER?

You can send messages to other others after matching or after you add them as friends.

What platforms is HER available on?

HER is available as a mobile app on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

How do I cancel my premium membership?

You can cancel your membership through either the App Store or Play Store, in the section where subscriptions are managed for all apps.

How do I delete my account from HER?

First, open the “My Profile” section. Select “Settings” from the menu, and you’ll see a “Close My Account.” Once your account is deleted, it can’t be recovered.

Is the HER app safe?

The app is moderated by a dedicated team, with a “report user” function for if you see suspicious users. Since you have to sign in with Facebook or Instagram, this adds to the safety, giving trust that people are who they claim.

How much does HER cost?

You can use the app totally free, including the matching and messaging features. There is a premium membership, which costs just $7.49 per month when you pay for a year at once. You can pay $15 for a single month.

Does HER post to Facebook?

No, it does not. Although you have the option to sign in with Facebook, the app won’t make posts on your behalf.

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