Established Men Review: Real sugar dating or just fakes?

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Everyone’s trying to get a little sugar. And by sugar, I mean money. You don’t have to be a self-proclaimed sugar baby to want to live the sugar life. All you need to do is do it. All you have to do is find someone who’s willing to make an arrangement with you (and yes, you can have a sugar mommy too if you’re looking to be the beneficiary opposed to benefactor).

But where, oh where might you find such an arrangement? Well, I encourage you to check out Established Men. This is a site for – well – established men, looking for an arrangement with younger, beautiful, women.

The women on this site aren’t just looking for a man who’s established; they’re looking for a man who wants to share the fruits of his labor with them. Well, if you’re willing to shell out some cash in return for some physical sugar, then I’d encourage you to check this site out.

But is it a scam? Is the site worth the sign-up? Are the upgrades worth the money? Well, read on to see what I have to say in my comprehensive review of this well-known sugar daddy site.

First Impressions:

This site is pretty gosh darn run-of-the-mill. You won’t get lost on this dating app, that’s for sure. This site is pretty simple. You’ve got your grid, your photos, your ”about me” section, etc. You’ll also find search features so you can sort through all the eligible women on the site.
You’ll also probably see a lot of people listing their expected allowance and the men listing how much money they make as well as how much money they’re willing to spend on a partner. You can have a public and private photo gallery – which is great for those men and women who need to maintain the integrity of their business persona.

You can send flirts or live chat. Another interesting thing is that you can send voice messages.


Like I said earlier this site is very much similar to most dating apps. You’re not going to find many variations in the features. You’ll find more interesting variation in the content of people’s profiles. But I’m sure you’ll catch on to the sugar lingo soon enough.

While it’s not free for men to join and post a profile, it is for women! If you’re into freaky stuff and have a Fetlife it’s not uncommon for users to link out to that profile! So, there’s a little something for everyone on this site. This is both good and bad news as there are a ton of women on the platform (the ratio is about four to one) but you’ll have to do a lot of searching to find someone you like.

There are also a ton of bots and scammers on here (since there’s money involved) so make sure you’re careful about who you agree to meet or send money to!

One feature that a lot of sites don’t have is that they show who is free that night! This is great if you’re looking for a beautiful woman to accompany you to an event or if you’re looking for company for that evening! I love this, and I think it’s much better than the “Online Now” feature most sites have. This is a different and more productive kind of availability indicator which will help a relationship progress quickly.

Pricing and membership details:

You’re going to have to pay to use this site. Again this is great because there are significantly fewer men than women (which means more to choose from!). But this could mean that you’ll make a slight dent in your wallet. You can either pay $79 for a month, $49 a month for three months, or $25 a month for a year. All of these packages include credits (more credits the longer you decide to commit to the site).

You’ll be able to use the site and send virtual gifts to women with your newly acquired credits.


If you have cash, you’re in luck!:
This is a sugar daddy site, so I’m assuming that if you’re looking to sign up that you’re going to have a ton of cash at hand.

You basically are going to buy your affection and romance through this site! This is great for those people who feel like they lack in the personality or appearance department. Those things matter less when you have your wallet out and open for your partner.

That might sound harsh or a little dirty, but I’m sure you’ll get past it soon.

Privacy is paramount:
If you’re a man who has a lot to lose by being found on a dating website or a sugar daddy site, there are plenty of privacy features on this site. You have the ability to set your photos as private or public and only allow some people to see who you are.

You also can hide your profile from search results if you want to keep everything on the down low.

Again, this is great for those men who enjoy their privacy or need it for other purposes.


The only thing that sucks is that this site costs money to join. I know that it might seem counterproductive to not only pay for a site to connect you to a woman that you’re going to end up paying anyway, but that’s up for you to decide.

The site being paywalled for men does have its pros, but the fact that it’s going to cost you money in the first place might sway you toward another site.

Scammers and Pros:
While there are plenty of women on here, who are looking for romance with the added bonus of financial support. There are a lot of bots, scammers, and professional sugar babies on her. Bots and scammers are going to try to get your money without much in return… pros, on the other hand, probably make their living via sugar daddy payments.

Some men don’t mind this, but if you want an exclusive relationship make sure that you’re picky when it comes to asking women out.


In all, this site is a decent site. It connects people who are looking for a mutually beneficial situation, and that’s all you can really ask for: a site to do what it says it’s going to do.

There are other sites that are free for men to join, however, if you want the high female to the male ratio that this site offers it might be worth cracking open your wallet for this one.

4/5 Stars.

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