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No more than ever, people are becoming interested in BDSM and kinks of the like. Why? Well, a lot of people are attributing it to the fact that people are becoming more comfortable exploring and talking about topics like sex. Other people fully attribute it to the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey.

I – for one – think that the cultural shift and the rise of the popularity of 50 Shades are both responsible for this rise in kink! A lot of more musical artists and films are incorporating kink into their material. It’s becoming more commonplace.

Plus you have the whole “daddy” phenomenon that is running wild on the internet which is a huge fetish too. In all, fetish and kink are becoming more mainstream every day.

Couples are becoming less hesitant to try different things in bed. People are encouraged to take things like choking and spanking – which could be classified as light kink – to the next level. So if your partner has asked you to be rough, just know that request could totally be a gateway into a proverbial red room.

So, how do you get started if you’re looking to get freaky? Well, you could show up to a sex club and go the trial by fire route… or you could start slow by easing yourself in digitally.

There are plenty of sites out there that promise that they’ll connect you with freaky people… but what if a hookup just isn’t sexy enough? And what if they’re not into all the dark stuff you’re into? What if you and your partner want to get freaky? What if you have a group of people that wants to find other people to fuck? Well, that’s why there are sites like This site promises to connect you with other freaky people regardless of what you’re into. You can find people who are into everything from gangbangs, to bondage, to lonely wives looking to hookup.

But is this site worth the sign-up? Here’s what I have to say:

First Impressions:

My first impressions are that this site kind of looks like it could have been designed in the early ‘00s… and while bulky dad sneakers and tiny sunglasses are back in fashion, this dated design is most certainly not.

I will, however, applaud the developers for having the login and sign up be so easy. They offer many gender and group options as well as options for what kind of people you’re seeking. I can applaud that at the very least. Once you’re logged in, you have to approve your email which is nice because you can expect there to be less spam on this site just because of that security measure alone.

The site itself is similarly dated looking and cluttered. The messaging section should not nearly be as complicated as it is. An inbox should be very easy to use in my opinion. However, this site takes a while to load, and the messaging section is a little bit of a disaster.

On top of that, you have your likes and IMs in a completely different window. Things just seem a bit disorganized for my taste. I – however – am a millennial so I’m used to slightly better web design. This may feel comfortable for people of an older generation.


Since this is ultimately a dating site, you’ve got all your basic dating features. You can like and friend people as well as send them messages. There is a filterable search which is one thing that this app has over other successful fetish sites like Fetlife who’s search feature sucks.

You also have chatrooms – another feature that FL doesn’t have – as well as blogs, magazine features, and live cams.

Pricing and membership details

While this site functions pretty okay if you don’t choose to upgrade… there are definitely serious parts of the site that are paywalled. If you want to be able to view and contact people who have upgraded you have to upgrade… otherwise they have to contact you first.

With the gold upgrade (which will run you anywhere from $9 a month for a year or $15 a month for three months) or the silver upgrade (which will run you somewhere between $9 a month for a year or $12 a month for three months), you’ll be able to view and contact people, show toward the top of searches, be the first to contact new members, gain full access to video intros and live videos, and 24/7 support.

If you decide to go gold you’ll also get access to XL photos and the instant messaging ID’s of your matches… however, AIM is dead, so I’m not sure how this could be beneficial unless you’re getting someone’s Skype ID.

It seems that you might as well go for gold if you’re going to upgrade, though I’m not sure how the access to XL photos and the IM access sets it apart from silver.


Gender, group options: When it comes to dating apps, sites really should have more options than just the binary. Alt follows through on this by including more than just female and male as gender options. Also, you’ll be able to sign up as a couple or a group! This is great for people looking to experiment as a couple, a polyamorous group, or another kind of group!

Member videos and live webcams: One of the best dating tips I can give you is to not neglect the live cam and video upload feature!

I like how you can upload member videos and live stream via cam. This fully makes the site interactive and more porn-y than some sites. Why would you want to go back and forth from a hookup app to a porn site if you don’t have to? Plus amateur stuff is hot, right?

Bio writing tools: If you’re like me – or anyone else joining a dating site – you probably freeze when you have to fill out your bio. It’s difficult to talk about yourself. However, this site offers a little outline to help you introduce yourself.

Some of the tips include describing your personality with the words dominant/submissive, describing how you feel about partying, and how you feel about sex and relationships!

This is a feature I wish more dating apps had.


SLOW: This site is slow and glitchy which is super annoying when you’re impatiently awaiting a message from that super-hot chick you’ve been going back and forth with.

It’s not the hub of the kink community: When it comes down to it, you’re not going to find your local scene through this site. You might find hookups, parties, and gangbangs. And you might see some hot girls on cam… but you’re not going to find invites to your favorite dungeon parties or munches. Fetlife has Alt beat on this one.


While I’m obviously much more loyal to Fetlife, this site isn’t bad for people who want to dip their toe into fetish dating and what people lovingly refer to as The Lifestyle.

3.5/5 Stars

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