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Here Are the Top 3 Latina Dating Sites [ 2018 List ]

There's a dating site for everyone nowadays. BlackPeopleMeet, ChristianMingle, etc. You've seen them around, so naturally, there has to be one for finding Latina women, right? Wrong. There isn't just one - there are hundreds.

That's why narrowing down the top three dating sites is no easy feat, but I was up for the challenge regardless.

After months of research and a couple of awkward dates, I'm finally ready to share my findings with the world. Let's jump in.

  1. LatinoLicious

    Coming in hot at the #1 spot is

    LatinoLicious is a site that not only connects Latino men with partners of other ethnicities but also Latina women who are looking for a black or white man to date. The kicker? It's free.

    And yeah, I know we've all heard that before, but this time it's real. Of course, there's a paid membership available for anyone who wants to take advantage of the huge list of features added with a VIP membership. Whether you're running low on cash or you just want to check it out before committing, you can sign up for a free membership that gives you access to a ton of real features that are useful for finding a date.

    From what I could tell, the site has a fairly active community where everyone seems to be genuinely looking for love. It's a nice change of pace from the same old 'meet and fuck' vibe a lot of online dating sites are going for these days. However, much like those 'meet and fuck' site, the girls are super fucking hot. Smokeshows left and right. I swear.

    Sadly, not everything is milk and honey on this site. Because there's no profile verification system, you'll sometimes find yourself knee deep in fake profiles. Don't worry though. If you aren't satisfied with your results after three months of use, you can actually get a full refund. If you've ever had buyers remorse on a dating site, then you know how great it is to have this feature available for members.

    Check out the site for yourself if you think I'm full of shit, but I genuinely enjoyed using the site and I hope everyone with a passion of latina girls gives this site a chance. It's #1 for a reason.

  2. LatinAmericanCupid makes a mellow entrance at the #2 spot on my list. Slowly gaining popularity over the past year, this site gives users the opportunity to find either an American man or a Latin woman whos eager for a relationship.

    This is a site that's built around the possibility of finding someone from oceans away to share your life with. There's an insane amount of foreign chicks looking for love (and also maybe a green card). Either way, signing up for this site made me feel skeptical at first, but after experiencing the community and messaging some cuties, I concluded that it was definitely worth my time.

    Unfortunately, LatinAmericanCupid doesn't have a ton of features for members. Everything they've got seems pretty standard, but when you take a closer look, you can see that they made some improvements lately.

    If you're a paid member of the site, you can record and set your very own personal greeting for your profile. I've always found this feature to be kind of cheesy, but if done correctly, you could end up with a dozen matches a day. Having your expensive boat in the background of the video might help too.

    LatinAmericanCupid gives people from the US the chance to fall in love with a beautiful Latin woman, but the downside is; you have to pay. The free version of the site is basically useless. All you can really do is browse profiles and skulk around message boards. It's not cheap either - at $29.95 for a one-month membership this site isn't very forgiving on the wallet.

    However, it's #2 for a reason. LatinAmericanCupid just works. After you pay up for a membership, there's no bullshit, no hidden fees, no direct scams, just hot Latina women who are interested in meeting you.

  3. AmoLatina

    I wasn't quite sure about at first, due to some more than mixed reviews, but it slowly grew on me and rose up to the #3 spot on my list.

    Signing up, I soon realized that you can't actually interact with anyone on the site without entering your credit card number and paying up $2.99. Kind of weird right? Well, even weirder - the whole site ditches the classic "membership" method and runs completely off of a "credit" system.

    The credit system works by paying a small amount of money for any amount of "credits" that you can use to do things like, have conversations with matches, view videos/pictures, and send cute emojis. At first, I didn't like this new system, but after using it for a while and somehow saving a little money on membership fees, I concluded this is the dating site system of the future.

    This site is full of neat features like the 'Call Me' option that lets you hear the voice of the girl you're talking to. There's even a translator in case you don't speak the language she speaks (which you probably won't).

    Their mailing feature is actually a piece of cake to use which surprised me because a lot of their other features can be... troubling at times. For the most part, using the 'Cam Share' feature is pretty fun too. Cam Share allows members the opportunity to video chat with each other no matter where they are in the world. I personally had quite a bit of fun using this feature if you know what I mean.

    One of the shittier parts about this site is how expensive the "credits" are. If you wanted to send a message to some girl that's caught your eye - you'll have to sacrifice 10 credits. A lot of people found this to be a bit annoying since 20 credits cost a whopping $15.99. Yeah, that's right. Sadly, you'd have to be making a small fortune to access all the features included on this site. But you'd also have to be crazy if you thought this kind of entertainment was free.

    Anyways, I'm putting AmoLatina at #3 on my list because although it's expensive, it's a lot of fun and I personally met at least a dozen hot chicks who wanted to chat - and even more fake ones.

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