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If you’re like me, you are a man who has tried everything in his power to find that perfect Latina woman to take home to your parents. However, you haven’t had much luck and your time is running short, you might want to try this site… maybe. When it comes to this dating site, there are plenty of mixed reviews… so what’s the truth? seems to have a solution to your troubles, but is it legit? Facing some pushback and poor reviews, this site seems to be struggling quite a bit. Let’s take a look and see how we feel about this latina dating site:

First Impressions

Yikes. This is going to be a rough one guys. I hate to say it so soon, but this site looks like a trap. You know you should be a little suspicious when every single girl on the site’s homepage looks like they could win Ms. Universe even if they were burn-victims. You only get those kinds of members if they’re fake, but let’s investigate further.

Signing up, I soon realized that you can’t actually interact with anyone on the site without entering your credit card number and paying $2.99. Another suspicious part about this site is the number of women that tried to send me a private message even though I didn’t even have a profile picture at the time.

Even though I’m getting some sketch vibe from this site, I’ll be heading further into the cave so I can expose the truth for all of you. If I don’t come back, send help.


The features included with a full ‘membership’ on AmoLatina are underwhelming as hell. The entire site runs on a ‘token’ system that requires you to spend these tokens every time you want to send a message or view pictures. Kind of fucked up if you ask me. This isn’t Clash of Clans; it’s my romantic life. C’mon.

There is a ‘Call Me’ option that lets you heard the voice of the girl you’re talking to. There’s even a translator in case you don’t speak the language she speaks.

Their mailing feature is honestly a breeze to use which surprised me because a lot of their other features can be… troubling at times. For the most part, using their ‘Cam Share’ feature is pretty fun too. Cam Share lets members video chat with each other no matter where they are in the world.

This could lead to some pretty fun video chat sessions if you know what I mean. Use your imagination.

There’s also another feature called “Date A Lady.” Weird name I know. This one’s actually pretty interesting because when you use this feature, the site will help you set up a meeting with the girls you’ve been chatting with. I’ve never seen something like this on a dating site before, but it’s a pretty genius idea considering some of the girls on this site don’t actually speak any English at all so you’d have quite a lot of trouble setting a date up here unless you’re a credit-owning member.

Also, the “Virtual Gifts” feature lets you send little gifts to the girls you might be talking to using credits you can earn (or purchase) on the site.

Pricing and Membership Details

So instead of using the same old ‘month-to-month membership’ that almost every other site uses, AmoLatina is purely based on a credit system – kind of like tokens in a video game. To access all the features on the site the user has to purchase credits, so if you’re light on cash, this site might not be for you.

For instance, if you wanted to send a message to some latinolicious girl that’s caught your eye – you’ll have to cough up 10 credits. I found this to be a bit annoying since 20 credits are going to cost you a whopping $15.99. Yeah, that’s right. You’d have to be making a small fortune to access all the features on this site.

Do you want to open a video message? 10 credits. Do you want to send your own video message? 10 more. Ugh. I feel like I’m getting punk’d.

Anyway, these credits obviously aren’t cheap. 40 credits are going to cost you $30. 80 credits? $56.

If you’re a big spender you can get 500 credits for $249 or even 1000 credits for $399. Honestly, this is just insane considering a short conversation is going to pull at least $249 out of your bank account. If I had enough money to feel comfortable paying for this site I doubt I’d need this site in the first place. You know?


Obviously, there aren’t a lot of wonderful things this site has to offer, but there are some.

The “Date A Lady” feature is a nice little touch that is desperately needed when your site is full of people who live worlds away and don’t even speak the same language. On the other side though, it’s kind of weird that someone else has to set up your own tour to a foreign country. Especially since they have your credit card number…

The translating function is a must when using this site, so I’m glad someone thought of that. Trying to use google translate on every message can get annoying fast.


Oh jeez. OK, so AmoLatina has – to be blunt – an overwhelming amount of cons. Beyond being kind of sketchy in the first place, the site doesn’t really cater to their users much at all.

First of all, this site is pretty much overflowing with scams. Now I’m not saying the website itself is a scam, but there are a ton of scammers present on the website that lures in lonely guys with promises of a sexy latin tour around Spain or something. All those users have to do is hand over their credit card numbers so they can book a tour and… it’s gone. It’s gone. All the money is gone.

Another thing is; the moderators of the site (if there even are any) aren’t doing jack shit about it. Part of the thinks these guys are in bed with the makers of the site and cut a percentage off to them. Who knows though.

My next problem with AmoLatina is the insane amount of funds you have to spend in order to have even the shortest conversation with one of these girls. You’re going to have to write lengthy paragraphs like it’s 1948 if you want to have any kind of connection without spending over $400.

Finally, I’d like to point out that the girls displayed on the site are, for the most part, fake as all hell. Every single one of them looks like they might model or act. I mean, these girls are drop-dead gorgeous and I can’t imagine why they’d have to resort to using this site. Doesn’t add up.


To put it mildly; fuck this site. If you’re thinking about punching in those numbers on your card, do NOT do it.

With so many negative reviews floating around the internet, it’s hard to even ponder the idea of finding your true Latin love on here.

I’m giving a well deserved 1/5 stars.

While you might be entertained for a few brief moments, this site isn’t much fun beyond that unless you’ve got $400+ burning a hole in your pocket, don’t do it. You’ll probably find yourself knee-deep in credit card debt like many of the users who have written reviews for this sham of a dating site. I recommend looking to other established and less scammy dating sites like Latin American Cupid.

It’s gonna be a no from me, dog.

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