Here Are the Best Cheater Apps for Affair Dating

When it comes to down to it, there are more arguments against monogamy than for it. To restrict yourself to one person to have sex with for the rest of your life seems kind of extreme, and for some people, almost impossible. 

There’s no judgment here, but some of you may find that you’re not the best at remaining faithful to people you’re in relationships, or in marriage, with. Some of you are the type of people who see past cultural norms and traditional relationships, and may even be in an open relationship. It’s ridiculous to think you’ll never be attracted to anyone except your partner, so why should anyone expect to never have sexual desires outside your relationship? 

Or maybe you just want to be the person who helps another have sex outside of their relationship. 

Whatever your case may be, if you find yourself in a relationship, married or not, but want to satisfy those desires when they arise with people who are on the same boat, there are some apps for that. 

Our Top Choice: Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison
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Life is short. Have an affair. That’s Ashley Madison’s slogan, the leading affair dating app for those looking to get some action outside their marriages. Millions of people have flocked to this app to relieve the everyday lack of passion and stimulus in their marriages to find something more thrilling and bring excitement back into their lives. 

The sad truth that you can probably guess by now is that marriages often lead to a change in the person you initially married after a period of time. Whether they pay less attention to you, treat you less than you believe you deserve, or are lackluster in bed or passion, things change, but it’s not enough to make someone leave because of the love they have for their partners. 

But they still want passion, excitement, and blazing affairs. 

This is where Ashley Madison thrives, and why so many people use it and have had real success with it. 

Just like Victoria Milan, if not more, Ashley Madison takes your privacy seriously. They even have the prestigious Privacy by Design certification offered by Ryerson University on their site. Ashley Madison is completely independent and doesn’t ask you to link your social media accounts to sign in, and they also have blur and mask tools for your photos. 

The allure of Ashley Madison is the level of discretion they offer that is unmatched. It makes people join the site for reasons more than affair dating — if all you want is to remain private in online dating, then Ashley Madison is for you. 

The cool features they have makes the app cutting-edge and enjoyable to use. If you’re traveling to a new city, for example, and want to make time to meet someone new, you can use the Traveling Man/Woman feature on Ashley Madison to make connections before you even land by messaging members in your destination area. 

If you’re going to try out any affair dating app, Ashley Madison should be your first. 

Affair Alert

Affair Alert
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With the same concept as Lonely Wife Hookup, Affair Alert is another site used for affairs and cheating wives and girlfriends. They’re all about secrecy, and when you log onto their page, the first thing you’ll see is an agreement box that you must read and agree to before signing up which states that if you see pictures of someone you know, you’ll protect their privacy. 

The reason for this is because Affair Alert is also a location-based service that uses your zip code to find women who are members in your area looking for affairs. Another important note in this agreement is that you will respect the sexual desires of other members. 

The sign-up process is similar to Local Wife Hookup; all you need to do is think of a username, set a password, and enter your e-mail address. 

To connect with members on the site, they have their own version of tweets where people can post status updates, which are usually horny requests. One woman even said, “I’m so horny right now I keep thinking about that cucumber in my fridge LOL.” 

From the home page, you can view women near you, recent chats, featured members, ‘newest hotties,’ and your best matchups. And just like Lonely Wife Hookup, the people over at Affair Alert include in their site some live cams and porn videos for you to view and enjoy while browsing. You can also play a game of Hot or Not on Affair Alert where you rate members and say if you think they’re, well, hot or not. 

The women on this site are super horny and waiting for you to message them to have some fun. 

Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan
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Claiming to be the number one extramarital affairs site, Victoria Milan is an affair dating app for those who are single, “attached,” or married. With over 6 million people who’ve joined Victoria Milan, this is definitely one of the more popular and successful affairs dating apps that can give you results. 

This app not only focuses on women who are in relationships but anyone who feels they’re trapped in a monotonous marriage or relationship. It reads more like a dating site for people who feel this way to find one another, rather than a single man helping a wife cheat. It’s dating for married people and people in relationships. But if you’re trying to fuck a married MILF, I don’t doubt you’ll be able to find one on here.

Most people are not truthful on regular dating apps, and you could be hooking up with someone who claims to be single but may actually be in a relationship. Wouldn’t you rather just know off the bat? 

Even if you’re single, you can still use Victoria Milan, and you might also find other singles too if you ever start to feel a tad guilty; which is completely normal since we’ve all been conditioned to think of infidelity as a sin. 

Victoria Milan has a lot of tools to make your experience on the app as discreet as possible. When you’re signing up, for example, they won’t let you pick a screen name that includes any identifiable personal information, like your name. Also, they utilize the AnonymousBlur tool to make your profile picture un-recognizable before uploading it. 

This further translates to your photo gallery, where you can hide photos from the public and only grant certain people access with a PrivateKey. 

Everything else on Victoria Milan is pretty standard. 

There are Winks you can use to flirt with members and show interest, and when you’re ready, you can chat with them anonymously, and with any live members, by pressing the IM icon on their profile. 

There are a lot of opportunities on Victoria Milan for discreet affairs that excite the heart and not your heart (if you know what I mean). Whether you want to test the waters with an online affair or meet up with someone in real life, you can find it here. 

Lonely Wife Hookup

Lonely Wife Hookup
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If your kink lies in helping wives cheat on their husbands, this app will be heaven for you. 

Lonely Wife Hookup is a dating service that helps lonely wives, bored with their marriages (and the sex), find someone like you who wants to meet and fuck them. The site works both ways, and if you sign up and create an account, women who log on searching for a man to have sex with can find you, and vice versa. They’re location-based, meaning you will see results of people that are within your area. 

You could be surprised at who you find on this app, but remember that the number one rule t cheating is discretion — that is, don’t go running your mouth about it. If you can handle that, then you can handle Lonely Wife Hookup. 

To browse the women in your area, a simple 4-step sign-up process must be completed beforehand. All you need to do is state who you are and who you’re looking for regarding gender, create a username, set a password, and enter your e-mail address. In less than 3 minutes, you’ll enter an extreme website where you can find the horniest women on the Internet. 

Sadly, women that are married are often forgotten, or their husbands no longer put in the effort to keep the sex amazing and get lazy. They want you to bring some spark, and sweaty sex, back into their life. 

There are a lot of features on Lonely Wife Hookup one of the best sex sites. For starters, the women on this site upload the dirtiest nudes and set them as their profile pictures. You’ll get hard just browsing alone. But if you want to relieve that tension, you can watch any of the girls they have live on cam! 

Cam features are awesome because while you’re waiting to hear back from a wife, you can view some hot amateur porn on these cams. They also have a link to some XXX movies for your enjoyment. 

It’s never easy to approach a woman with a ring on her finger, and not being sure whether she’s down to cheat or not, but on Lonely Wife Hookup, you’ll never have to think twice about it. 

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