Here Are the Best Apps for Jewish Dating [2021 List]

Dating apps and sites have seen a huge surge in popularity recently, as anyone with a smartphone could tell you. Branching off of generic dating sites came niche dating apps/sites(thank the good lord). 

You’ve heard of Christian Mingle and Black People Meet, but now there’s finally sites where people of the Jewish faith and nationality can finally meet! Since then, Jewish singles all over the world finally decided it was time to be able to connect with each other online, and Jewish dating apps were born. That leads us up to now, where I’m going to show you the absolute best Jewish dating apps of 2019. Let’s get into it. 

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This first site is one of the most legendary dating apps of old, but it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Even though it’s been alive almost since the dawn of the internet, it’s not the same old thing. 

Updating and reworking a lot of the original website, along with receiving feedback from thousands of customers has molded this site into something incredible. Rightfully sitting on its throne at the #1 spot is

The sign-up process is simple as hell. You basically just put in your name, birthday, gender, and some other personal information before you’re all set to start browsing potential matches. There are also some options for you to personalize your page further, but if you just want to do the bare-bones on your profile, you have the option. 

Since this is a Jewish dating site, you’re going to have to enter some information about your experience with religion, like how often you go to synagogue and things of that nature. You know, so your future “libe” knows you’re a standup guy. 

I’m not going to water it down; the girls on this site are pretty fucking hot. It might be different for you if you’re in a smaller town, but the ladies I messaged were stunning. 

Anyway, this site is equipped with some pretty neat features like something called “Color Code” where you take a short personality test, then the site takes your results and matches you up with people who are compatible with you. It’s actually pretty useful since people usually need to have something other than a religion in common to truly connect. 

Sadly, however, these cool features aren’t available for users with a free membership. The site gives you three options when choosing a subscription plan. If you’re some guy who’s just looking to mess around on the site to get a feel for it, you’re going to be out $59.99 for a month-long membership. You can see why it might just be easier for people to commit to a longer-term on this site. 

Three-month subscriptions are $44.99 per month and a six-month membership is just $29.99 per month. I know this isn’t the cheapest site, but it’s well worth the money. You get to take advantage of the various original and helpful features that this site provides.

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If you’re a young Jewish individual looking to meet other Jewish people to commit some… unholy deeds with, then this site is perfect for you. JPeopleMeet is easy to use and DIRT cheap compared to other popular Jewish dating sites (like JDate). 

The sing up process is a little lengthier than most, but after you’re all set, the fun can begin. 

This site is full of some really cool features as well. Members on JPeopleMeet are given the opportunity to use something the developers cooked up called “ECHO.” This lets you know when another person you’ve shown interest in has replied to one of your messages. It’s always nice to know who’s been checking you out. I mean, what else would you say instead? “I like-like you. Do you like-like me?” Yeah, No thanks. 

Something JPeopleMeet does that I haven’t seen anywhere else is as simple as a list of articles. They’re special articles for people who have never used a dating app before and need a little push. They describe the best ways to get started using the site and tips for anyone who’s looking for something a little more serious. 

Getting your hands on a subscription for JPeopleMeet isn’t as costly as you’d think. With a one-month membership costing you only $13.99, it’s kind of insane that the creators of the site make any money at all because the prices only go down from there. 

Since most dating sites say it takes about three months to find a soul mate, that’s the one I bought and it was only $8.99 a month. Feels like pennies on the dollar compared to, but is it half as good? 

Well, the answer is no. It’s hard to be as great as JDate, but this site puts up a good fight. For dirt cheap, you can meet and message someone special, and when it comes down to it… it gets the job done. 

It isn’t going to come with any ridiculously intuitive and clever perks like JDate, but it’ll get you a date, and that’s enough for me. 

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I know. Tinder? Well, bear with me here. 

Tinder is the single most popular dating app in the world, so wouldn’t it make sense that it would be the dating app that contains the most Jewish single women? 

Well, I put this theory to the test and message each one of my matches “Are you Jewish?” They probably thought it was the beginning of some horribly offensive pickup line, but most of them replied. 

Anyway, I found that out of the 40 that responded, 9 of them were Jewish. That means a little under 1/4 of the single girls on Tinder in my area are Jewish. Now, It might just be a locational thing, but my gut tells me there are nice, wholesome, Jewish girls all around us and maybe we just don’t know it. 

So if you’re looking for a nice girl to take home to mom or a gnarly one to take to bed, Tinder might actually be your best option. Or… third best. 

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