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If you have a pulse, then you’re most likely looking to fuck hot teen girls that live in your area. Don’t worry; I’m not trying to shame you. I’m here to help you decide whether this is for you.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to hook up with almost every sexy teen girl I’ve ever met. This hunger drove me to check out a little site called teenfuckdates.com. I read a ton of reviews to see if it was worth my money, but I had a hard time finding an honest one, so I decided to take the plunge and do it myself. Let’s get into it.

First Impressions

Before you can sign up for the site, you have to answer a few questions that ensure you’ll conduct yourself like the responsible adult you are. Things like,”Will you promise to keep the identity of these girls a secret?”, and, “Do you promise to only look for hookups and not serious relationships?”, etc.

After agreeing, you get to pick and choose exactly what kind of teen you’re looking for. Choose one or all of the offered body types and ages to start matching with smoking teens in no time. This feature saves a lot of time for you by eliminating any girls that might not peak your interests.

Right after I entered the homepage of the site and entering my card info to verify my age, I could immediately tell that this was no joke. I mean, I’ve never seen so many Snapchat nudes in my life – shower pics as far as the eye can see.

There wasn’t a lot of girls in my area, but after changing my distance setting, the hotties started pouring in.

A lot of the girls on the app are looking to trade Snapchat usernames with you, so if you don’t have one of those; it’s time to pony up and get one.


If you go ahead and buy the membership as I did, you’ll have access to a live chat instant messenger that lets you not only video chat, but also instantly message these horny teens whenever they’re online. You’ll also be allowed to view and unload unlimited pictures and send and receive emails among tons of other features.

The “Top Search Result” feature lets you appear as the very first result when teens type in your username. This is useful because when girls are looking for a specific type of man, the search function is their best friend – and yours too.

You might be thinking “yeah, yeah, I’ve seen these kinds of features before.” Well, don’t worry because Teenfuckdates has something special for you. Smart Match Detection helps you only browse the kind of profiles that you’d be interested in. No bullshit fake ones either. Only real girls that fit your specific criteria.

This feature makes it for me. This app would be just another ‘teen dating app’ if it weren’t for this unique ability to narrow down your hotties to only the best of the best.

This isn’t a feature that’s listed on the site, but the girls. The girls are so god damn beautiful. It’s like every single one of the most popular girls at your school all signed up for the same dating app, and they’re searching for you. It’s almost like a dream.

Pricing and Membership Details

Nothing in this world is free, and that includes all the best parts of Teenfuckdates. For a monthly VIP membership, you’re going to have to pay $28.80. Not bad really, considering you also get full access to a site called VibeVideo.com, which is the site’s very own porn streaming site, full to the brim with HD videos of teens doing everything under the sun – all for your viewing pleasure.

Becoming a VIP member is a must-have – mostly because you’ll hardly be able to use the site at all without paying for it. I know this is kind of a critical error when it’s a “free” site, but don’t lie. You knew what you were getting yourself into with this one.

Plus, with the full VIP membership, you’ll have the ability to send messages to any cute teen you want as long as they’re online. And that’s why you’re there isn’t it? To meet teens, and everyone knows the first step to meeting teens online is by sending flirty messages.

With Teenfucksdates, sending that first flirty message is all too easy thanks to their instant messenger app. It suggests some questions and talking points you can bring up with these girls that’ll land you in their bed most
of the time. So if you’re looking to actually stand a chance on this app, you might want to buy a VIP membership.


Hot Teens – I know it might seem like this is required for a teen fuck/dating app, but these girls are really, really hot. Almost hot enough to be fake profiles, but that leads to my next point…

(almost) No Fakes – These teens are the real thing. I know this because I accidentally matched with one of my ex-girlfriends from a few years back and she actually messaged me first. Praise the Lord. We even got together for a little naked tango since it had been so long since we practiced.

User Activity – The site is absolutely teaming with tons of active users who are constantly posting, commenting, and blogging about anything from their day at school to their last sexual experience. Their friends also comment on just about everything they post, further extending the number of people that are on this app.

Usability – Whoever designed this app deserves a metal because it runs smoother than most of Google’s apps. Not only does the video player work flawlessly, but the layout of the app makes one-handed browsing a must – if you know what I mean.


Advertisements – There are a lot of them. It’s a shame too because when you pay for the VIP access you don’t
expect to keep getting bombarded with ads like the chumps who use the free version, but you do. Adblock isn’t a
bad idea if you don’t want to be constantly closing stupid shit that pops up on your screen every few minutes.

Spam Messages – I know I said there were almost no fake profiles, but the key word there is ‘almost’ because every once in a while, even I will fall for a cute girls message that eventually links me to a webpage asking either for my card info, or my email. No ‘meet and fuck’ site can be perfect I guess.


With the number of pros vastly outweighing the cons for this site, I think it’s safe to say that Teenfuckdates is well worth that pesky $28.80 charge a month.

There’s also the included membership to VibeVideo.com so you
can fulfill any needs you might have if you don’t actually get to meet up with a teen – which is difficult.

If I had to give Teenfuckdates a rating, I’d slide it an easy 3/5 stars.

While the girls are smoking hot, and the functionality of the app is spectacular… the user fees can be a bit much, and there aren’t many features that set it apart from any other teen dating app. I don’t know if I will be renewing my account, but for the time I’ve spent on the app, it’s been 100% worth it.

I’d recommend this site to anyone who’s looking to get laid by local teens – no question.

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