SnapSex Review – Can it really get you laid?

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Send snaps, get laid. 

Sounds simple right? 

This is the slogan for one of the most popular Snapchat sex and dating sites on the market, SnapSex. Not to be confused with another well known Snapchat sex site SnapSext, which turns out to not actually have anything to do with Snapchat at all. 

Besides the name, SnapSex has little in common with SnapSext. So if you’re deciding between the two and which one you should sign up for, or if both are worth signing up for, there’s some necessary information you should know about SnapSex first and foremost.

We’ve scoured this Snapchat sex site from top to bottom to give you the low down. How does it compare to other dating sites? Is it genuinely free? Can you get laid on here with minimal effort? Read on for our ultimate SnapSex review.

First Impression

Put simply, the SnapSex homepage design is scarily bad. It’s in desperate need of a few updates.

It uses the black and yellow Snapchat color theme in an attempt to show a likeness to Snapchat, but it’s obvious that the site is missing the professional finesse Snapchat has.

If you stay too long on SnapSex’s homepage without clicking anything, the screen image will redirect from their website to a totally different one with a pop-up of a sexy blonde undressing. You’ll also see a box-message that she wants to trade pics with you, prompting you to accept by selecting yes or no. If you choose to select yes, you’ll be guided through the same sign-up process you would’ve gone through if you stayed on SnapSex. 

This raised even more concern for me and made me think that Snap Sex might just be another scam site promising to help you fuck girls, but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, so I returned to the original homepage to continue. 

The one awesome thing I noted on SnapSex’s homepage, though, was that they give you an impressive list of girls’ Snapchat snapcodes at the top of the page for free! It’s usually a good sign if these types of websites offer some of their product for free without you having to sign up. Every snapcode is actually real, too, and you’ll be adding some sexy stories to your Snapchat. 

Before clicking on their big, blue “Enter Snap Sex” button to begin the sign up process, you can scroll down SnapSex to see a couple of questionable customer reviews, a YouTube video explaining what SnapSex is, and some blog posts. It’s a pretty standard layout for a sex and dating site. 

One thing I enjoyed initially about Snap Sex was their quick and easy sign up process. You first have to just answer 4 quick questions that deal with the discretion of the women on the site’s identities, and if you’re comfortable receiving nude content and can follow a “no relationships” rule. You’ll then be asked to select up to 3 photos of different body types and which are your preferred, the age range of girls you’re looking to talk to, what you’re looking for, and the preferred distance between you and her. 

Once you fill out all that information, you can enter your e-mail address to create your account for free access. 

Now, once you’re all signed up and ready to go, the next window could be a deal-breaker for some or just another step to get out of the way for others. We’re all reluctant to enter our credit card numbers into any website that isn’t one we’re online ordering from, especially when it comes to dating and sex sites. But unfortunately, that’s what you’re going to have to do if you want to use Snap Sex. 

Entering your card information is apparently only so you can get your free access and won’t be charged anything, but you will get a free 2-day trial promo to FreeLocalDates GOLD (I have no idea what that is) that renews to $49.95/month if you’re not careful to cancel. 

This was a total red flag for me since this page not only mentioned one, but TWO, completely different websites than Snap Sex, and their name was nowhere to be found on this page besides in the browser URL box. On the top left corner of this page, the site branded itself SpookSex, which is something I’d never seen before and have no idea how it relates to Snapchat.

To me, this seemed like total scam behavior. Despite the free snapcode feature, I hated nearly everything about Snap Sex so far.


If you do decide, however, to continue trying out SnapSex, there are some features that the site claims to have that might make you brush off all the red flags. 

As mentioned Snap Sex has nothing to do with Snapchat at all. It just piggybacks off the name to attract a bigger user base. The site works like any other adults dating site. After signing up, you simply scroll through profiles to find the girls who grab your attention. You can then send them a message and begin a conversation.

When it comes to profiles, they’re as basic as it comes. User name, age, location, photos. I had the option to add a few Snapchat-esque filters to my pictures, but honestly, who wants to see filters on a hookup site? The site claims that users can upload videos, but I couldn’t see a videos section anywhere.

Except you can’t, because a large majority of these girls are completely fake. While most of them are dead giveaways from their filters-heavy photos of famous internet models, the complete lack of any information in their profiles confirms it.

That’s not to say that every user on Snap Sex is fake. There were some girls who seemed legitimate. More on that later.

Regarding features, that’s pretty much it. For a site that rips off Snapchat, I expected some kind of disappearing photos feature like Snapchat is famous for. There was nothing like that anywhere. The only thing this place has in common with Snapchat is the name and the color scheme.

Privacy is an essential feature to Snap Sex, which if that’s something you’re concerned about and has dissuaded you from using sites like this in the past, can ease your worries. At SnapSex, they want to create a very discreet site, and that’s something you can look more into on their Privacy Policy. 

You won’t have to worry about your nudes being shared without your permission or anyone you may know in real life finding you and sharing that information with others.


As I mentioned, access to SnapSex claims to be 100% free, but you strangely have to enter payment info from your card to be able to use the site.

You might ask yourself, “Well, why do I need to put down my card if it’s free?” and rightfully so, since apparently if you’re not careful to cancel it, you can get charged for some other site’s membership after a “2-day trial.” Talk about a carny move. You’d be paying for a website you’ve never even used before.

If you’re brave enough to scour the Snap Sex site for yourself, you’ll find a shit ton of links and ads being thrown at you. If you’re using this site on a computer, I definitely recommend blocking ads before clicking around.

Once again, red flags from every angle here. While Snap Sex is free to use as such, with so many affiliate links being bombed around, there’s something fishy going on here. Most of the ads featured provocatively-posed girls or straight up porn videos. It’s not a good look.


I’ll have to be honest with you and say that there are not many pros to this site in the slightest. While there are a couple of things that stand out, there’s just too much bad shit going on to be worth it.

I did enjoy the fact they give people who visit their site sexy girls’ real snapcodes for free without even having to sign up. That’s a nice little gift to the world. However, it’s not like these girls’ details would be hard to find elsewhere. A simple Google search pulls up the same details. But still, there’s a possibility to get sexts and nudes from them, so that’s a bonus.

SnapSex’s blog content is also pretty good and gives some great tips when it comes to things like sending sexts and exchanging nudes. If you’re not going to use Snap Sex for anything else, you might as well read their blog and get something out of it. Most of the blogs are written by girls for that authentic touch too.

Also, the sign up process is super easy and quick, and you won’t have to spend a lot of time on it. The most you’ll have to do is, once again, enter your card info. 

The Snapchat filters option is… okay. But personally, I hate filters. Whenever I see a picture with Snapchat filters, I immediately assume the girl on the other end is a child. When you’re looking for adults to fuck, the last thing you want to do is see their faces concealed with filters. Why this is even an option is baffling to me. It seems like a lame attempt to link the site to Snapchat in a very loose and pointless way. The fact that I’m even listing Snapchat filters in the pros column goes a long way to telling you exactly how shit this page is.

The best positive to this ‘Snapchat sex site’? The fact that you’ll get to see nudes. Navigating around the page, you’re guaranteed to come across a few adult pics. You’ll definitely come across a hot girl or two, so that’s a plus point. But still, I’m scraping the barrel here.


Where to start?

Just about everything else is a con to Snap Sex. All the redirecting and different sites that SnapSex mentions is not really trustworthy behavior. The fact alone that you have to enter credit card information for a FREE website is quite absurd and doesn’t create a great sense of trust between the site and its users. 

Almost all of the girls on here are not real. The site’s entire user base is made up of fake girls with pictures that were clearly stolen off the internet. It doesn’t even do it subtly by finding amateur girls who aren’t super famous. Most profile pics involve big-name girls from the porn world.

On the rare chance you do get talking to a girl, the messenger system is super clunky. The website version continually pulls you back to the main menu page for some reason. So you constantly have to go back into the chat page, usually whilst leaving the girl on the other end hanging. It doesn’t translate well to hooking up at all.

Profiles include the bare minimum of information.

Activity on the site is very low. However, that’s unsurprising given that every user is a bot. Even the few real girls who appear from time to time don’t seem to spend much time on the site. You can always see when a user last logged in and almost every girl has ‘user last logged in [x] months ago’ on their page.

There’s a search function on the site, where you can narrow down criteria to find your ideal girl. Categories include age, body type, language, location, etc. Do you think this search function works at all? No. Like everything else on SnapSex, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

But the real kicker is the ‘free’ membership. It’s not a membership if it leads to nothing. I understand that adult dating sites have to start somewhere, but the site could at least put some effort into making it appealing in some way. Maybe utilize the Snapchat angle a little more. Remove some ads. Hell, add some porn videos if that’s what it takes.

Conclusion & Rating

Unfortunately, it seems like SnapSex isn’t the real deal when it comes to sending snaps and getting laid. In my opinion, after reviewing both Snap Sex and SnapSext, I’d go with the latter option. At least SnapSext has real girls on the site and the user base isn’t made up entirely of bots.

It’s not a smart idea to redirect customers to different websites than your own unless you’re trying to get more money from them in partnership with those sites, or, those are your sites.

To save yourself from potentially ruining your credit or falling victim to a scam, I’d advise you not to complete the sign up process on Snap Sex by entering your card information. If a site is truly free, they will never ask you to do that, and if you’re going to end up having to pay for access, you might as well use a site that is upfront about it, like SnapSext

SnapSex is a total waste of time. Any guys or girls out there who are thinking of giving it a shot – don’t. It doesn’t speak the language of love, it speaks the language of scams. There are plenty of other platforms in the world with real adults looking for real sex, so check them out instead. Hell, even Snapchat provides a better chance of getting laid. Avoid it like the plague.

SnapSex gets a 2/5 Star rating. 

Other Recommended Sites

Visit SnapSext

While SnapSext has a very similar name, don’t let that trick you. This is a much more genuine website for Snapchat hookups and sexting. While SnapSex is difficult to use and has many seemingly fake profiles, there’s no shortage of girls wanting to trade nudes and hookup on SnapSext.

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