Best Senior Dating Apps for Mature Men and Women 50+

It’s easier for anyone in their 50s and beyond to lose hope in ever finding love if you’re single. But if you think you’ve reached the age where you’re past the point of dating, you’re wrong. 

Maybe you found love at one point in your life, and maybe it’s gone now for whatever reason, but just because you’re considered a senior citizen doesn’t mean you have to give up on dating. Granted, it may be harder for you now than when you were in your 20s, but as everything else has changed in your life, so has technology. 

If you have a smartphone capable of downloading apps, then you can date without even leaving your house! 

The way to do this? 

Dating apps. They’re all the rage, just ask your grandchildren. 

Hey, they might even be able to help you! 

Dating apps help make dating easier for anyone looking for love. It’s an easier way of seeing people in your area who you otherwise might’ve never met, and make a connection that, ideally, would last for the rest of your life. 

There are millions of people just like you — older, still hoping for love, on these dating apps. Not only can you get dates off these apps, but you can also make companions in your area who share the same interests. There are more benefits to dating apps than their intended purpose, which is finding you a perfect match. 

If I’ve peaked your interest, and you want to know which dating apps are the best for the 50+ crowd, here are some of the top senior dating apps online. 

Senior Sizzle
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Senior Sizzle

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As you can tell by the name, Senior Sizzle is for those of you who may not be interested in love at all, but rather, would prefer to be sexually stimulated. 

For those of you wondering, yes seniors are sexual

We know that it can be tough getting laid as a mature man or woman, but we also know that those desires don’t just go away as you get older — if anything, they become stronger. Seniors still crave intimacy and even lust, but the problem is getting it. 

This is where Senior Sizzle can help. 

They’re a dating site (yay for not having to download an app) made for anyone seeking mature sex, meaning that not only seniors can sign up; anyone interested in sex with mature individuals can create a profile. People close in age, older, or even younger, can be found on this site. You can also find couples on here! 

Everyone on the site has the same goal in mind, anyhow. They’re all looking to get laid. If that’s what you’re seeking, too, then Senior Sizzle is a good place to start. 

There are a lot of interactive ways to connect with members on Senior Sizzle and find someone who catches your interest. For one, you have the option of finding people near you, or if you’re traveling somewhere and feel daring, can look for people in that area, too. By using live webcams, chat rooms, and messages, you can contact any member you want to have steamy sex chat or get to know them and eventually meet in person for sex. There are also photos and videos posted by members for you to view and take pleasure in. 

Senior Sizzle is great because they believe they are sex-positive when it comes to senior sex and believe you should still be having it as part of a healthy life. You can join the site for free and need only provide a valid e-mail address. Once you’ve finished registering, all you need to do is activate your account with the link e-mailed to your inbox. 

Try out Senior Sizzle today and get the sex you’ve been looking for!



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If you have an Android phone, then you’re lucky — you have access to FINALLY, an amazing dating app for 50+ mature singles. 

Their focus is on letting you know its okay to love again and should give dating another shot. Even if you believe you’ve done everything already, FINALLY believes you still have more to experience, including love. 

This app is extremely simple to use and very user-friendly, keeping the mature individual in mind, but still has all the power dating apps today need to make them successful. Over 25 million mature singles are on FINALLY looking to meet people like them and give dating another go, and claims to be the #1 mature dating app amongst mature MILFS and Dilfs as well as 50+ singles all over the world. 

To make sign-up easy, they’ve integrated a one-tap process to get you going right away and start browsing profiles near you. From there, the process of chatting, dating, and meeting people is left in your hands, as well as your privacy. At FINALLY, they take your privacy very seriously and believe you are in total control of your profile. 

You can decide if you want to remain anonymous and can choose who gets certain access to your profile and when. You can also determine who gets to have a conversation with you and more, and they can all be changed in your profile settings at any time. 

If you’ve yet to hear about swiping, it’s a popular dating app algorithm used to browse profiles that FINALLY also uses. By swiping left, you indicate you’re not interested and are “passing” on the person, but by swiping right, you are showing interest. You can do this on the profiles matched with you on FINALLY, or on the profiles you view in the ‘Online Now’ category. 

You can also send virtual ‘flirts’ and ‘winks’ to people. 

If FINALLY seems like the type of app you’d want to use when it comes to dating, you can download it for free on the Google Play Store. 

Mature Dating Network
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Mature Dating Network

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You have the option of using Mature Dating Network on both your iPhone or through your browser on a desktop or laptop; whatever you prefer. Although the sign-up process is not as simple as FINALLY, it is still manageable and quick. 

Personally, I would opt for the mobile-app version. You may not think so, but it’s easier to navigate and more simple than the website. 

Mature Dating Network is geared towards those 40+, so you’ll notice a lot of people aged in their 40s and 50s typically, but there’s still a large population of users well into their 60s-70s. If you’d only like to view profiles of people within a certain age range, you can specify that with the filter tool located on the top-right corner of the app. 

But you don’t need me to tell you where everything is on the app and how to use it; Mature Dating Network guides you through the app upon first download and use with an animated tutorial as you navigate through the app. 

One of the best features about Mature Dating Network is their integrated chat room feature. This feature lets you chat with multiple people in one chat room and is a great way to meet new people and make friends, as well as see potentially interesting people to date (or – as the kids would say – hookup with

People in the chat are very lively and like to conversate, so if you’re ever looking for a good stress reliever and chat with new people, this is always a good place to go. 

There are many other great and interactive features on the Mature Dating Network app, and in my opinion, if you’re going to try out any one of these dating apps, I’d try out this one. It’s reliable, the people are real, and you’ll have a great time using the app. 


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