Mature Dating Network Review [Read Before Signing Up]


Believe it or not, senior dating is a highly successful niche within dating networks because seniors want to find companionship. It’s never too late to search for something new in life, be it a new relationship, new friendships, or new opportunities to make connections. That’s what Mature Dating Network aims to give you when you use their dating app.

Dating apps make dating in your older years much easier and are a fun tool for meeting new people. Dating when you’re in your 50s or older is different than when you were 20; you have different wants, different needs, and are a different person. Ideally, you know yourself better now than ever before, and you know what you’re seeking in your relationships.

Using a niche dating app like Mature Dating Network helps because they understand these needs and understand their users to give you the best experience, versus if you used a regular dating app open to any age.

If you think that you’d benefit from using Mature Dating Network, allow me to tell you more about the app…

First Impression

First of all, Mature Dating Network only operates on iPhones, unfortunately, so you can only find it on the App Store. Just search up the name, and you should find it with ease.

Once you’ve got it downloaded, there’s a quick sign-up process you’ll need to complete before using the app. After that’s all said and done, you’re set! You can begin online dating with Mature Dating Network.

Based on what you’ve selected in your preferences for who you’re looking to meet, your home screen on MDN (Mature Dating Network) will be a grid of male or female profiles near you who match your criteria.

This is the ‘Search’ page.

What I like about the interface and design of this app is that it’s very simple and easy to navigate. There’s only one menu sidebar to access everything from, unlike other dating apps that have multiple tabs at the bottom of the screen. The only two buttons you’ll need are at the top opposite corners of the screen; they are the menu bar I was talking about, and the search filter to change your criteria. You could change the gender of the person you’re looking for and desired location of them.

In your sidebar menu, you can tap on different options to view your messages, access the ‘Likebook’ (more on that later), visit the chatroom with other members, see your activity and favorites, and access your profile settings.

It’s not hard to get lost on this app, and if you forget everything I’ve just said about how to navigate through the app, don’t worry. Mature Dating Network will guide you through it all when you first use the app with a mini-tutorial as you visit new parts of the app.


Now, let’s talk about the features of MDN.

Features make your online dating experience, and how well an app executes theirs, as well as how many you have access to as a free user, is usually a good indicator if the app will be worth your time (and money) or not. But luckily, MDN has just the right amount to make it fun, easy to communicate with others and meet new people with, and lets free users access many of their features.

This is the difference between a dating app that works, and one that just wants to make money off you. When you can still access enough of the features to make communication possible, as well as meet other members and show interest, then upgrading is only essential to enhance those features and get more out of the app.

Those apps that lock the essential features and the only way to access them is through purchasing a membership, don’t really care about your dating success.

MDN does.

Some dating apps include unnecessary features and lock away the useful ones; MDN only has useful ones.

For starters, the ‘Likebook’ is a sort of game that you can play on the app and see more profiles. You will be shown a member’s profile, and you can either swipe right (interested) or left (not interested) on their photo. This is a popular feature included in many dating apps, most notably Tinder and Bumble. When you swipe right, you’re ‘liking’ a profile, and the person will be notified of it.

The next feature worth mentioning is the chatroom, labeled as ‘Chats’ in your menu bar. This is a place where you can live chat with members from all over the state in one room, and members are very active on this. People like to talk about their day, what they’re up to, and any topic of conversation that comes to mind.

While on the chat, I saw a guy in his late 50s talk about how he would be celebrating his one-year anniversary with his partner who he met on the same chat room!

The best part about MDN is you can tell that there are no fake profiles; everyone is genuine, and apparently, meeting people that turns into a long-term relationship is very possible. But if you’ve already met that person, as this guy did, you can still use the chat for fun as he does.

Creating great features, like a chatroom, which stay memorable for users lets you know that an app has really taken the time to develop it and make the app awesome to use.

Pricing & Membership Benefits

Upgrading your membership on MDN unlocks unlimited communication in messages, which you have a limited amount of as a free member. When you run out, you’ll most likely be subjected to automated messages to pick from to send to others. With an upgrade, you’ll be able to say whatever you want, whenever you want.

Also, you’ll unlock photos from members’ profiles. When you check out someone’s profile, you can only see one photo; their profile photo. Any other photos they’ve uploaded will be blurred out, and you won’t be able to see them all.

But the best feature of all, you’ll be able to find out who’s liked you. This really helps when it comes to dating and choosing who to message because you can see who’s shown interest in you already.

There are three different membership options to pick from to test the full potential of MDN. If you just want to dip your feet in, you can select a 7-day trial period at $13.99, opt for an entire month at $31.99, or commit to a 3-month membership for $54.99.

Granted, these prices are pretty steep for a dating app, but I think they offer some real benefits that could be put to use.


Everyone is super friendly on the app and welcoming. Many people use it for dating, but also for finding companionship in friends, both online and in real life. Within the first day that you’re on MDN, I guarantee you’ll get a message from a woman — I sure did.

Profiles are also real, something that is becoming rarer and rarer on the Internet, but you can trust MDN to have real people looking for real connections.


The pricing for an upgraded membership is pretty expensive. Besides that, I’m having a hard time identifying any negatives to this app. The only thing would be that you can’t access every photo on a member’s profile, and often, profiles lack good descriptions on this app.

Conclusion & Rating

Although membership pricing is pretty expensive for a dating app, I think you can get away with using it for free and still make meaningful connections through the chat room, as well as with the limited messaging you’re allowed. MDN is a great app for those of you 40+ looking to get back into the world of dating with the help of a modern-day app.

Even if you don’t find the love for the rest of your life, you can still make great friends on the app, and find it pleasurable for conversation.

Mature Dating Network receives a well-earned 5/5 Stars.

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