InstaBang Review [ Read This Before Signing Up ]

  • Insta What?

    Finding hot singles in your area and striking up a conversation is a lot harder than creating an account for a meet and fuck site. I wish that weren't the case, but that's just how it is.

    Signing up for one of these sites isn't everyone's cup of tea, but every once in a while, one will come along and change the way we interact on sexual social media sites altogether.

    I've decided to take the plunge and sign up for Instabang to see what all of the fuss is about. This detailed review will explore the most distant corners of the meet and fuck genre and see if this site has what it takes to deserve your time and money.

  • First Impressions

    Before you even enter the site, you're loaded onto a webpage that asks you a few important questions so it can help you find girls in your area that you're interested in.

    You'll be asked what kinds of girls you like ethnicity-wise as well as how old you'd like them to be. Just a disclaimer here to let you know that this site is NSFW, so don't sign up for this while you're on your work desktop because there WILL be titties on your screen.

    Within minutes of creating my profile, I already received about three messages from some girls that may or may not be real. Instantaneous messages are sometimes bots, especially when I haven't even uploaded a picture yet...

    Although that seems a little fishy, I know that some sites have an option to send automatic messages to people who sign up with the description you're interested in so that might be it.

    After getting some hot matches and some scandalous messages, I can safely say that there are real girl on this site and good god. Each smokeshow is even hotter than the last.

  • Features

    Other than featuring some seriously bodacious babes, this site has many other features to sink your teeth into.

    Two weeks of usage on this site has shown me that Instabang has a T-O-N on users. Not only are there loads of women to choose from, but there seems that a lot of them are active. Most girls reply to messages within the hour (as long as you've got something interesting to say).

    Completely discreet emails make Instabang easy to use without worrying about someone seeing your membership details or private messages. This is quite a relief for me because if someone saw an email from a meet and fuck pop up on my phone, I don't know how I'd pick up the pieces.

    You can also use the Instabang app if you don't want to log into the actual site on your computer. I like this feature a lot because not a lot of the meet and fuck sites I've used offer an app for your phone, although it seems like a no-brainer to me.

    The chatroom feature feels really fluid and seamlessly works into the site. Groups of people in your area might also be planning a swinger party or other event, and it's easy to contact them to join in.

    You can also use the 'favorite' feature to tag people you might want to chat with at a later date. This comes in handy when you're already knee deep in local hotties and you finally realize you might have a little too much on your plate.

  • Pricing and Membership Details

    After you enter your payment info, you'll be granted access to all the amazing features previously mentioned plus even more that I probably forgot. There's so much usability on this site that it's hard to wrap your head around its functionality sometimes.

    There's a lot of payment options here so bear with me.

    If you pay $0.95 you'll get a 2 day trial of their gold membership, but if you cough up $9.95 you'll have access to all those luscious features for a full week.

    Instabang usually has deals going on with their memberships though so you never really know what you're going to get. For example; when I signed up I was able to snag 12 full months of gold for only $6.67 a month! It's features like this that make this site especially worth it.

    Without any special offers it's going to cost you $11.65 a month to use this platform, but however steep that may sound, I've seen higher prices for sites that were significantly worse than this one.

    If you're still skeptical, you can always just experiment with the $0.95 option and give it a couple days of your attention before taking the dive into a sea of babes.

  • Pros

    Tons of active members - With the new craze of internet hook up apps on the rise, Instabang is practically overflowing with new and active users who are eager to chat with you on a daily basis.

    Free to use - This site allows you to browse your feed and chat up cuties without paying a cent. That being said, you won't have access to every bell and whistle that's included with the gold membership so you won't be having nearly as much fun as someone whos a full-fledged member.

    No Fake profiles - At first glance, it seems like this site is too good to be true, but when you take a close look and really experience every aspect of Instabang, it's obvious that there's an active community whos lively and horny as hell.

    It's easy to use - The user interface is set up perfectly for scouting the local hotties with one hand and even if you get lost there are help buttons at the bottom of every page so you can easily make your way back to the hunnys.

  • Cons

    Ads - Sometimes the ads can get a little overwhelming unless you have Adblock installed on your computer. It can be troubling at first, but as long as you've got quick enough reflexes, you can close those tabs before they become problematic.

    Messenger - Occasionally there will be some kind of webpage error when using the messenger. I'm not sure if this is a result of the pop-up ads or what, but it can be pretty inconvenient when you're talking to some cutie, and things are about to get good.

    Can be overwhelming - Instabang can have a lot going on within the webpage, and it can get in the way of you getting your nut. It's like you're constantly distracted by a new girl whenever you start talking to one. This might not be a problem for some people, but it stressed me out a little bit.

  • Conclusion

    Ultimatly, your dick will be jumping like Moby when you check out what Instabang has to offer.

    The pros definitely outway the cons on this site, with the availability of an app along with all the chatrooms and cams you get access to after signing up. It's easily one of my new favorite sites to use for my regular hookups.

    Because Instabang seems to be flipping the script on classic meet and fuck site, I'm going to give it an astounding 9/10.

    It's not every day that you find a new site that will get you laid and save you some cash in the long run. I wish more sites could be this incredible but until then, I'll just be on Instabang.

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