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Senior Sizzle Review [ Read This Before Signing Up ]

Most casual hookup apps cater to the millennial, but there's always one population lacking in representation on these kinds of apps, and that's the 50+ crowd. There are a lot of misconceptions about seniors and sex. For one, people think that they no longer have those desires, when in reality, they could be stronger than ever. Nonetheless, mature people still aim to maintain a healthy sex life.

It's important to keep up your sex life in older age than to try to start all over again once you haven't done it in a while because, by that point, you'll have missed out on a period of time where you could've promoted healthier sexual organs by having more sex. But as seniors, do you really spend a lot of your time hunting for sex?

Most would answer no. Their time is preoccupied with other aspects like family, the home, and even jobs, that they no longer make time for what those in our 20s and up seem to spend much of our time on. Maybe you're looking for a partner rather than just a hookup, but wouldn't you want to keep up your sex life between now and then?

A perfect place to seek out casual relationships and, more importantly, casual sex, is the Internet. With the rise in niche dating websites for anything, including Gluten-Free dating (yes, that exists), it's no surprise that one for mature sex exists as well.

Senior Sizzle is here to help "experienced lovers" hook up! If you want to know what you're getting into before signing up for this site, just keep reading.

First Impression

If there was ever any doubt in your mind of what exactly this site is about, I can guarantee that all confusion will be lost once you visit the site.

A nice, big banner featuring a white male in his grey-hair years ramming it in from behind on a hot blonde welcomes you to the site. Right away, this lets you know that you won't be finding on love on Senior Sizzle.

Aside from this off-putting image, I went ahead and created my free account. The generic fill in the blank sign-up process where you state "I am a ___ seeking a ___" passes by relatively quickly. The only other information they need from you is your birthdate, zip code to find you women near you, and your e-mail address.

I like that they don't ask for credit card payment right away to access the site. Usually, these type of hook up sites want to empty your wallet to use their site, but this one saves it for once you log in.

You can choose not to upgrade just yet, though, and can browse around instead.

What stood out to me about their homepage is the banners displaying the live number of people broadcasting on their webcams. There are two options to watch; live members or live nude models. The difference between them is that one is of members on the site broadcasting their own sex cam show and is free, and the other is by camgirls and can cost you to watch. You'll find more mature women on the member cams and usually younger girls on the nude model cams.

There's kind of a lot going on on this site, but the best way I can describe what it looks like is like an NSFW Fuckbook for mature individuals.


Besides the live webcams, Senior Sizzle actually has some great features.

For one, people can get their profiles verified by submitting a real ID photo. After being on the site for about an hour, I already received messages from a few people, two of which were couples with verified profiles introducing themselves and letting me know what they're open to and if I was interested.

While not everyone has a verified profile, you can definitely tell which profiles are genuine or not, and a surprising amount of the profiles on Senior Sizzle are real, mature singles (or couples) looking for some fun.

Apparently, community is a big part of Senior Sizzle - they have their own photo/video contests where members can win prizes, erotic story boards, groups, blogs, and even something called a 'Sex Academy.' These are "informative, in-depth courses that take you step-by-step to sexual success."

These courses teach you how to perform various sexual acts and discuss different sexual topics, and you can take them for $4.95 each, and once you complete it, you'll get a course badge on your profile to show off your sexual credentials.

There are so many other features to Senior Sizzle that you can actually use for free, but I'll let you find out what they are on your own.

Pricing & Membership Benefits

While there are many things you can do on the site as a free member, one of the most crucial features needed for hook up success on Senior Sizzle is restricted to Gold members - messaging.

Gold members have upgraded memberships and can view and reply to all messages, something free members can't do. When you're using Senior Sizzle as a free member, you can't view or reply to your messages, and can only see the message preview in your inbox.

A subscription to their Gold membership comes in three options: a one-month plan for $40 per month, a three-month plan for $27 per month (billed $81 quarterly), and a one-year plan for $20 per month (billed $240 annually). Your most cost-efficient plan would be to get the full year, but if you don't see yourself staying for that long (though you might change your mind once you use the site), you can simply choose a shorter time period.

When you upgrade your membership, you'll also get full access to profiles, unlimited live member webcam views, flirts, instant messages, and group chats.


Genuine interaction happens on Senior Sizzle, and you can find some pretty horny people on here. While it's marketed for seniors, you could still find a good amount of people in their 20s on this site.


None of the people that messaged me or my matches lived in my immediate area. The closest person to me was about 50 miles away.

If you live in a more populous area than I do, this could change, but for towns, you might find yourself having to travel a bit to meet someone.

Conclusion & Benefits

Senior Sizzle is an online community for people 40+ who are still very much in tune with their sexual desires. "Sizzle," is an understatement for how steamy this site is.

Senior Sizzle gets 4/5 Stars!

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