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Russian bride dating comes with the promise of finding you a lover from a foreign country to be your partner, and if you’re lucky enough to find it, your soulmate.

But just how many of these sites deliver on that promise?

One of them that we’re going to dive into to find out how it truly works is the international dating service Ru-Brides. If you’ve heard of it, then you’re probably interested in if it’s worth your money or not.

Let’s take a look at it their site, shall we?

First Impression

You can actually browse all of the women’s profiles on Ru-Brides without even registering yet. Next to their registration box is a large grid with photos of some women’s profiles, and if you hover over them, will show an inaudible video clip of theirs.

Clicking their picture takes you to their profile, where you can learn more about the girl and see some of her gallery of photos. They’ll have their appearance details, such as height and eye color, as well as where they live, and some lifestyle details, such as if they smoke or drink.

Another way you can view even more profiles and see who’s online is through the Women Gallery tab that’s on the homepage. If you click on it, you’ll be able to see tons of women’s profiles, with those who are currently online listed first.

But if you want to interact with any of the women and start chatting, this is where you’ll need to sign-up for Ru-Brides and create your free account.

You can choose to sign-up with your Facebook account or use your e-mail address; either way, the process will fly by and you’ll be logged in and ready to go.

By staying on the site, you’ll start to receive various chat requests and letters from women. Whether these are genuine or not is for you to decide, but it seems these women are eager to speak to you. The only downside, however, is that communication costs credits, which is true for all the features and communication methods on Ru-Brides.


Besides the Women Gallery, there are two other tabs at the top of the page on Ru-Brides; the video chat and video clips section.

One of the great things about Ru-Brides, and if you’re someone who’s concerned about fake profiles, is that every single girl on here has a video clip of herself posted on the website. You can also video chat with any girl you want that is online, or in your contacts list.

I would tell you how to do that, but it seems that random women’s profiles get added to your contacts list on their own. At least this way you won’t have to search for women, and already have a list of women to chat with.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a dating site without a search tool.

Every profile on Ru-brides, including yours, comes with a User ID that is used to identify you and can be typed into the search to find someone in specific. If you don’t have anyone in mind, you can always start a general search from a few different filters. One thing you can filter for is the country of origin a woman is from.

It should be noted that the women on Ru-Brides are not exclusively from Russia; instead, they are from various surrounding European countries as well, such as Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Latvia.

Other things can include appearance categories like body type and hair color, as well as some of the lifestyle details I mentioned.

There’s also a favorites feature that you can use for free to keep track of which women intrigued you the most and place them in one area for reference. Besides chat, you can utilize the Letters feature to write lengthy messages to women and have a more in-depth conversation.

The chat feature is useful for quick and fun conversation, and maybe to ask for a woman’s locked photo album password that’s on their profile, while letters are good for getting to know someone more intimately.

Should you meet someone who you want to show appreciation for through a gift, you can do that too, with the purchase of credits of course. But the gifts on Ru-Brides are actually well thought out and can be worth the money if you genuinely like someone and want to take the relationship further. Aside from the basic gifts of flower arrangements, stuffed teddy bears, makeup, chocolates, and fruit baskets, there are some unique gifts you can purchase for your girl.

Have you ever seen a dating site offer to send a sushi meal to your favorite girl? Well, now you can. If you both share a love of sushi, you can send a sushi set delivery to any girl of your choosing. But if neither of you likes sushi, you can get a more useful gift and pay for a monthly course in English so you and she can communicate better.

There’s even a gym membership gift!

The gifts on Ru-Brides are fantastic, and while it’s not all about material items in a relationship, they definitely are a sweet reminder of you when you’re both in different countries.

Pricing & Membership Benefits

As I mentioned, most features and all communication methods must be unlocked using credits.

All of the video clips, ability to video chat, regular chat, and send letters, as well as gifts, all come at a cost. But if you complete your profile and confirm your e-mail, Ru-Brides will start you off with 20 credits for free.

Chats on Ru-Brides works through a pay-per-minute system, meaning, unfortunately, that it costs one credit per minute to chat with a woman.

I did the math for you and one credit on Ru-Brides costs around $0.60; the lowest tier to the credit bundle payment option is 20 credits for $12.

But the only way to purchase credits is through one of their payment deal options.

So besides purchasing 20 credits, you can get more for a higher price. Sixty credits amounts to $33, 120 credits costs $60, 250 credits is equal to $112, 350 credits is valued at $140, 500 credits is priced at $199, and 750 credits sells for $299.


The women on this site are breathtaking. You practically won’t believe they even exist, but thankfully, the video clips on their profiles prove otherwise.

It’s also not hard to get women to talk to you on Ru-Brides. It usually isn’t this easy on any other dating site, but for some reason, these foreign women like to make the first move. Now, that may be because they know men can’t message them first without credits, but you still can’t complain about it.

The gift ideas are also excellent and worth your credits if you choose something like the English lessons so you can communicate with your favorite girl better.


Everything costs credits. You can browse for free, but to do anything you’ll need to purchase credits, so you can’t really try out their services or get a real feel for the site without spending some money.

You might think I sound crazy for it, but having all these chat requests flood your screen can get annoying. They make it harder to click through and navigate the site, and you can’t talk to them anyway until you pay.

Conclusion & Rating

Ru-Brides looks promising for those of you willing to spend your coin. If you’re interested in romancing a woman from Russia, Ukraine, or any of the countries they have women from, this is the site where you should do it. But you always have other options like Rosebrides and Russian Brides

Ru-Brides gets 3.5/5 Stars.

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