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This site is free to use and made for just muslims.
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Islam is more than your religion as a Muslim person; it’s who you are and the values you center your life around. That’s why it’s so important for Muslims to find a partner that reflects those values and beliefs, and when online dating, it’s not always an easy feat.

One of the leading free Muslim dating sites, Helahel, wants to provide you a space where you can meet other single Muslims for free and find your marriage partner. If you find it difficult to meet people with traditional islamic values to date, and are losing hope for finding the perfect person to marry, you might want to try out Helahel.

Not only will you be able to interact with singles in hopes of marriage, but you’ll also have a new way of finding other Muslims in your area. This is beneficial if you want to make more Muslim friends and acquaintances, and when you’re on Helahel, you’ll notice that it’s more like a big community of Muslim people sharing, talking to, and connecting with one another.

But before you dive into Helahel, you’d probably want to know what it’s all about and if signing up is truly worth the effort or not. You won’t be spending any money using Helahel (thank Allah) because it’s free, but time is perhaps more valuable, and you wouldn’t want to spend any of it signing up for a bogus site.

I’m going to attempt to uncover the truths, good or bad, about Helahel in this review to give you an idea of whether you should sign up for this Muslim matrimonial site or not.

First Impression

Helahel makes it easy for anyone looking to online date to use their site, regardless of their experience with using a site like theirs. The navigation tabs are in clear view once you log in, above your profile photo, which is the first thing you see when entering the site. You have the choice of selecting your inbox, profile, ‘Find People,’ and the help center.

Users can enjoy a simple, yet effective, layout from Helahel. While there are no fancy features to keep you on the site longer, like video profiles or search for people who look like your celebrity crush, but everything you need to make a genuine connection with somebody is on Helahel.

The most important part of a relationship, and more so in maintaining a marriage, is communication. That’s why I appreciate the fact that Helahel has made everything free on their site, including unlimited messaging between all members.

I’ve noticed that on other dating sites, they like to restrict unlimited communication to paying members of their service, making it hard for everyone else to get matches or make a connection with somebody. You don’t have to worry about that on Helahel because everything is accessible for free.

All of the profiles you see on Helahel seem pretty genuine. There are always exceptions with every dating site, but for the most part, you can be sure to find real Muslim men and women seeking someone.

If you want to be sure you’re talking to someone real, you should message only those profiles with pictures, meaning you should add a profile picture, too. Beautiful women in hijabs can be found all over Helahel!


As I mentioned, there aren’t many features to Helahel besides the basic dating app operations; messaging, editing your profile, adding photos, and a search tool. But that’s really all you need in a dating app.

Sure, cool features make it more fun to use, but it often distracts from the purpose of the site and leads to other interactions besides dating. Helahel is a marriage-focused muslim dating site, and by keeping the features simple it centers the site around your faith and in communicating.

With every message you send, the other person will be notified, and you can always view your sent messages in your inbox. Similarly, if someone sends you a message, you can be sure to get notified when you log on and can read and reply to your messages in the inbox, as well.

You can edit your profile to include as little or as much about yourself as you want. Some of the details you can edit on your profile are your sect as a Muslim, Madhab, and an ‘About Me’ section. You must fill out this description with at least 50 characters when you sign up to use Helahel and need to keep one there. With photos, you can create albums and upload as many photos as you want.

The search tool lets you filter for profiles in whatever age range you desire, their sect, and where they are from. You can also in the ‘Find People’ part of the website your recent visitors to your profile. This means that you can see who’s viewed your profile in the past week.

At the very bottom of the site, there’s also a link to their ‘Online Muslim Dating Sites Guide’ which is essentially a blog for the modern Muslim singles guide to dating.

Pricing & Membership Benefits

You’ll be happy to know that everything on Helahel, features included, is free to use. Signing up is free, having an account is free, and messaging is free!

This is probably one of the only dating sites I’ve seen that is truly 100% free.


I hate to stress it so much, but c’mon – it’s a totally free site! There’s nothing to lose when you sign up, and if you find that online dating is not your thing, or you’re not getting anywhere with it, you can never use it again knowing you didn’t spend a dime.

However, Helahel also has the benefit of being a habibi dating site and everyone you meet on there shares your same beliefs and values. You won’t have to struggle with wondering whether this person you’ve met will understand you or fit into your life because they will.


Helahel is not a location-based site, and the profile you see on your homepage are only those who’ve recently been online. You’ll have to do all the searching for people in your area on your own, and specify what location you want to see profiles from.

Conclusion & Rating

Overall, Helahel is a fantastic Muslim dating site to use because it’s free, has plenty of users, and is centered around the Islamic faith and on marriage. If your goals and values aline around these things, I’d say Helahel is worth a shot for meeting someone you can really make a relationship with, and a potential partner for marriage.

Helahel gets 4/5 Stars.

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