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Hook up culture has essentially replaced dating culture especially for millennials. Even if you're signed up for a dating app, you're probably not going to find many people who are actually interested in dating - except for those crazy people who are trying to get married at 18 and invest in property… and who really wants that?

When it comes to hookup culture, people are still somehow ashamed of having sex… well meet the dating app that doesn't want you to feel any shame whatsoever about getting it on with any number of strangers: Pure. Pure is an app with the goal of helping you find a hook up within the hour. Yeah, within the hour. So if you're trying to get laid fast, this might just be the answer to all your prayers.

  1. First Impressions:

    My first impressions were that this app was a little bit confusing, but I think most of that was just user error. If you read through their little blurb in the App Store, you shouldn't have as much trouble as I did figuring this app out. But I think most of my confusion came from it being so simple! With other dating apps, there are more than one or two screens you have to worry about.

    There are three screens on the Pure app: other people (you can filter them out to those who've liked you), people you've matched with, and the post/cancel request screen.

    Basically how the whole thing works is that you post a "request" that will expire in an hour. That "request" consists of your photo and who you're looking for (either men/woman, not both… what a shame!). During the hour you have you must match with people, chat, and arrange a place to meet up or exchange numbers or Snapchats… because after that hour is over the messages are erased and as is match history. Different, right?!

  2. Features:

    Aside from the app itself, there aren't very many extra features I can go over! The app is really straightforward, it has minimal distractions so that your conversation moves off the app. And I think that's the beauty of it. You're not going to get stuck in a sort of limbo of texting the same people all the time but never actually meeting.

    The only other feature that I guess I haven't mentioned is the location services. It shows you not only how far away someone is but approximately where they are on a google map.

  3. Pricing and membership details:

    So if you're a girl, you can access the entirety of Pure for free! However, if you're a guy, you're going to have to crack open that wallet of yours. At first, you can get a free trial of the app. However, you're going to have to pay for a subscription after that. It costs about $20 a month to use after your free trial.

    And if you decide to delete the app, it won't automatically cancel your subscription. You're going to have to go into your settings to manage your subscriptions.

    The reason that you have to pay is that they want to make sure that there isn't a disproportionate amount of men and women… in other words, they're trying to prevent a total sausage party. With apps like Grindr, the admins don't have to worry about that because men seeking men are always going to be in great numbers… but when it comes to casual sex, there is going to be a lot of men trying to bang women without wanting to invest.

  4. Pros:

    • Sense of urgency: If you think about dating apps, the one thing that slows down the momentum other than social niceties is slow conversation. With Pure you don't have the luxury about thinking about what your next witty reply ought to be, you're going to have to think and think fast… especially if you want to hook up with them.

      This app isn't meant for browsing while you're at work. This app is meant for when you're horny, and you want to get it on right now. This sense of urgency actually promotes people meeting one another. I think that this is a smart move from a company that wants to take the "dating" out of dating apps in order to make hooking up much easier!

    • Culture of anonymity: And when your time limit does run out… that's it! Your conversations are lost to time, and your matches are gone too! This is great for if you want to keep your private life private. And if you're trying to be sneaky, there isn't going to be much evidence that you did anything on your phone once you cancel or your time runs out on that request.

      I think that this also makes this app great for when you're feeling spontaneous. People like to go on about how they're so spontaneous on dating apps, but they never follow through! This app is for pure risk takers! All you have to go off when you're chatting with someone is their picture, location, and whatever they say in their messages.

    • Cool zine, bro: I know that this isn't going to matter to the masses, but their art direction is really cool. Sure, the app is really sleek and easy to use (with a simple plain black and white color scheme). But their site is cool as hell. They even have an erotic art magazine called "Sex is Pure" that is run by their staff.

      In addition, their Instagram account is amazing. The posts to their account are testimonials from actual Pure users that are set to erotic art done by a number of artists. Honestly, even if you're not down for the random hookups their Instagram is actually really beautiful… could you tell I was an Arts and Humanities major in college? HAHA!

  5. Cons:

    • Gender options are limited: This actually can be a huge bummer for people who want to use this app. Because people who don't fit inside gendered boxes want to have sex too! But that's the thing, you're either a man or a woman, and you're either seeking a man or a woman. And that can be a real damper if you're non-binary, trans, or fall somewhere in the middle of the Kinsey Scale.

      So I'm sorry Bi and Pan folks, you're going to have to decide which gender you want to have sex with before you submit your request. Also, it sucks if you do fall in a gray area when it comes to your gender identity because people may not know that from a photo. This could put you into a really uncomfortable (or potentially dangerous) situation if you do decide to meet up with someone.

    • Smaller user base: What I noticed when I poked around on this site, is that there aren't a lot of people using this app anywhere near me. And that can pose a huge problem if I'm looking to get laid, ya know, tonight? The closest user to me was 300 miles away from me in a major city. Granted I live close to a few major cities, but no one in either of those cities was online.

      I guess I can't really tell how big the user base is considering I'm not online at all times of the day and neither is anyone else… but from my experience, it seems pretty small.

    • Location services are… creepy!: What I like about Tinder and Bumble and all those dating apps is that they tell you how far away someone is. That's super helpful if you're looking to date, especially because meeting someone who lives three-thousand miles away seems unlikely. However, what I don't like about Pure is that you can see where people are on a map… this means they can see where you are too.

      While I think that everything else about this app screams discretion, I feel like this aspect is a little creepy. And it's not like you can opt in or out of having your location is shown - which is accurate to a few block radius. I feel like this could put a lot of people in danger - especially women, less imposing people, and members of the trans community.

  6. Conclusion

    When it comes down to it, I don't hate this app. I think that it's great for people living in highly populated areas to find someone to hook up with and FAST. If you're looking to get laid as discreetly as possible and as soon as possible (say within the hour?) then I definitely recommend downloading this app.

    3.5/5 Stars

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