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I was sitting on the couch one day when my friend tossed me her phone. “What do you think about him? He liked me,” she said. I looked at her phone expecting to see something familiar like Tinder or Bumble. But I was met with an app with a white background. As I scrolled down, I was perplexed. Where were the swipe right or left icons? Where was the terrible bio? Where were the obvious thirst trappy photos?

I told her that he was cute, but I had to ask what site she was using because I’d never seen it before in my life! That’s when she answered: Hinge. I – completely disinterested in the movie we were watching while hungover on my couch – decided to make my own account. Okay Hinge, if that is your real name, what do you have in store for me?

I did some liking and some chatting and have reached a definitive opinion on the dating site. Curious to see what I think? Well, reader, you ought to read on…

First Impressions

One of the things I love about this app is the design. Everything is sleek and white and really quite pretty. The only colors it’s accented with are a light blue-green for the little hearts next to parts of people’s profile and blue in the messager (which is very reminiscent of iMessage). The app feels adult. Sure, you could probably use this site to find a hookup, but everything about it lends itself to a person who is trying to find a serious relationship of some sort.

When you sign up, you have to fill out a little prompted “About” section. Here you enter into things like your age, height, and profession. It also asks what your preferences are when it comes to drinking, smoking marijuana, and doing other drugs. I like this because for some people drugs or drinking can be a total deal-breaker.

Another question it asks of you is if you have any kids and if you’re open to having kids in the future. I love this because, again, the topic of kids can be a huge deal-breaker for some… so if you already know the answer to this question it can make that kids-conversation, which will inevitably happen down the line in a serious relationship, much easier.

You also have to answer three questions from a list of pre-written questions. Here is where you get to show off your personality! Unlike Tinder you don’t have the opportunity to write a bio, so here is where you can show off your humor or what you’re looking for… plus, who doesn’t like talking about themselves!?

Like Tinder, you can also share a guy with a friend if you think that they might be a better match! I like this because, unlike Tinder, you can glean a little more information about these people from the profiles. The “About” section is streamlined to list what really matters, and they can show their personality with their answers to the three questions that they decide to feature on their profile.

I’m tired of swiping, aren’t you? What’s great about Hinge is that it doesn’t make a game out of matching with people. It’s about meeting people. If you’re into instant gratification, you should probably stick to apps like Tinder and Bumble. But with Hinge, you’re spending much more time on someone’s profile! You’re not just swiping through after a millisecond.


I already mentioned a few of the features when I discussed my first impressions… but I digress, here are a few more:

The profiles that you look through are stylized in a pretty specific way. At the top, you have their name and a photo. That photo is followed by an answer to one of those questions which are followed by a photo. Underneath that photo is all their basic information (think age, height, location, education, etc.). After that is another photo or two, another answered question, another photo, followed by another answered question and a photo.

Next to all these little modules are little circles which contain a heart! That’s how you like someone. There’s no big like button or swiping involved. To like someone you tap the little heart next to a photo or one of their answered questions. From there you can either send the like or add a comment and then send the like.

The people who like you show up in the bottom bar under “Likes You.” That’s where you can decide to respond to someone’s like and make it a match, or if you want to have them start the conversation and make it a match!

Your matches show up under the “Matches” tab. That’s where you can chat and get to know one another!

The last tab on the right is where you can edit your profile, find the FAQs, and upgrade your account.

Another great feature is as you’re looking through profiles, you’ll occasionally find a little suggested match at the top! It’ll say something like “We think you two should meet.” Basically, based on your preferences and on what you’ve answered Hinge thinks that you two would be a good match! Thus far, I’ve enjoyed my conversations with those people, so maybe they’re onto something!

Pricing and membership details

The membership upgrade for this site seems… like it might actually be… worth it… I know. Shocker right?

There is one upgrade which gives you unlimited likes, allows you to set preferences based on education and family plans (so you don’t see people who don’t match your preferences), and you can get access to dating experts.

What I like about this upgrade is that they’re not charging you to swipe back or to super like. There’s none of that bullshit that makes it feel like a game… it allows you to have a strategic advantage for when you’re trying to match with people…, and it gives you access to dating experts.

The dating expert bonus is really what makes me think that this upgrade is actually worth it. Because how often do you not know what to say? How often do you have questions about if your date actually went well? This is an actual valuable upgrade that is totally worth the monthly payment.


Layout: I love this app in part because of the design. I feel that it’s streamlined and straightforward to use (especially because of the lack of swiping). Unlike Tinder or Bumble, you’re not going to swipe right or left on someone accidentally. And you’re not going to get confused with the features (because I totally have especially when switching between those two popular apps).

I also like how easy it is to use. You don’t really need more than one hand to navigate.

Upgrades: When it comes to dating apps, they’re always looking for a way to charge you for some bullshit. Why should you have to pay to super like someone? Why should you have to pay in order to go back when you’ve skipped someone?

With Hinge, their upgrades seem legitimately valuable. Not only are they going to help you match with the right people, but they’re going to help you date with the help of an expert

Conversation starters: Unlike Tinder or Bumble, it isn’t too difficult to start a conversation. Because of the questions, you have to answer you can really easily come up with something to talk about. Let’s say you like one of their pictures of them hiking, perfect! You should definitely talk about hiking!


Can’t go back: What I hate about this site is that you’ll get into a rhythm of not-liking people and you’ll skip someone. I’m sure it’s a lesson in self-control, but there’s no way for you to go back. And if there is I haven’t figured it out yet.


When it comes down to it, I think that this app is great. It definitely takes a step up from Tinder and Bumble, while trying to help people make actual connections. This is a prime dating app if you’re looking actually to date people! 4.5/5 Stars

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