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When you think of OG dating sites, you might think of EHarmony and the cheesy television commercials from that time. OK Cupid is one of those notable sites that have been around since what feels like the birth of the internet.

While EHarmony might feel irrelevant, what about OK Cupid? You may have noticed that they’ve made a slight comeback with their marketing strategy. I for one have seen artistically done murals and billboards advertising OK Cupid that seem more current than dated.

So, is OK Cupid making a comeback? Or are they geezers compared to the Tinders and the Bumbles of the dating world?

I joined OK Cupid and here’s what I have to say:

First Impressions

One of the first things I notice when logging on to OK Cupid – especially for the first time – is their new media campaign. I’ve noticed the beautifully color-blocked photos on billboards and plastered across the sides of buildings recently; these are the same images that scroll across their homepage.

It seems that they’re looking to bring a whole new meaning to DTF – down to fuck, for the uninitiated, or for those who’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years. In these images of couples (and in some cases groups of three or four) in somewhat intimate looking positions, DTF is written across the image. However, instead of leaving DTF as is they give a new meaning to the “F” in the phrase.

Here’s an example: on a photo of a couple smearing pink clay all over their face next to some vases it says DTFire up the kiln. It seems like they’re trying to insinuate that the site isn’t just for finding people who are down to fuck, but who are down to go on adventures or creative dates. It’s showing this old site in a whole new light, a whole new modern and interesting light.

Before logging into this site and seeing their new marketing, I was under the impression that OK Cupid was a thing of the past. I would have grouped OK Cupid in with an app that my mom’s newly divorced friend would have joined. But after seeing the new direction they’re taking their site in, I honestly would consider using this app for real not just for research purposes.

OK Cupid was founded in 2004, which was ten years before I graduated high school. I feel like this OG company did a really good job of not only lasting through the years but recently rebranding themselves to target a demographic that they wouldn’t have otherwise recently reached.


What I like about this site is that it’s a little different than most dating apps. A lot of dating apps have you sign up, maybe verify your identity in some way, fill out your bio, and let you lose on their user base. OK Cupid finds a balance between really intense dating sites – like the kind you’d use to find a spouse or a second husband – and casual dating apps like Tinder or Coffee Meets Bagel.

When you sign up, they have you fill out some basic info about yourself (name, gender, who you’re interested in, the basics!) and then they have you answer fifteen questions so they can start matching you with people. These questions are things like how often you drink or smoke, if religion is important to you, or if you’re an intense person or not.

You can also add what kind of relationship you’re looking for to your profile. This is great because it removes that awkwardness of finding out what someone’s intentions are. You can list if you’re looking for hookups, long-term or short-term dating, and lifelong relationships. There’s also an option you can mark if you’re into monogamy or not which is great for those who are poly or are looking to have an open relationship.

Pricing and membership details

Their premium membership is called A-list, which feels very VIP to me. The A-list is pretty reasonably priced when it comes to dating app upgrades. Their most popular option is six months for about five bucks a month. This is a fairly low commitment and fairly low cost. However, if you’re looking for the lowest commitment (I’m sure there’s a dating joke in there somewhere…) you can get one month at a time for about ten dollars a month.

With A-List, you’ll be able to see who likes you first, have access to advanced search features, see read receipts for messages, and browse the site ad-free! This is pretty decent especially because their search filters are very specific. You can definitely find someone on here that fits your type. Or if you’re feeling like a baller, you could go for A-List Premium. This will run you twenty bucks for six months or twenty dollars a month at a time. In addition to all the perks you’ll get with A-List, your profile will get an automatic boost, an increased attractiveness level, priority messaging, and you’ll be able to see how users answered those fifteen plus questions.


Questions and matches: The question and matching feature seem like a great idea to me. More often than not all people have to go off of is a photo and a bullshit bio. But this site gives you the opportunity to reveal more about yourself than you otherwise would in a bio through the questions. This allows for the site to show you percentage-wise how you match with someone. This way your decisions can be made with both heads… if you catch my drift.

Swipe or browse features: I like that this site integrates the two most popular dating app layouts: swiping and grid. If you’re in the mood for looking for something specific, you can use the filters to narrow down your grid. If you’re looking to swipe through people with minimal effort, the DoubleTake feature is great for that! It’s the best of both worlds.

Inclusivity! : What I love about this app is how inclusive it is. All their advertising has people of varying sexual identities, genders, and ethnicities pictured. And when you sign up you have a ton of options for how you identify gender-wise and who you’re willing to date gender-wise.


Some pay-walling: The only cons I can think of are that there is some pay-walling. Most – if not all – dating apps utilize some amount of paywalling so I guess I’m just complaining that this site isn’t 100% free.


Honestly, I think this is one of the better apps out there right now. It seems like you can use this app for anything from hooking up to finding a serious relationship, and as your interests shift your profile can too! With apps like Tinder or Happn, the expectation is usually pretty clear (casual dating), but there still is guesswork involved. But with this app, your expectations along with other people’s are laid out in the open.

And if you decide to go from casual dating to looking for something more serious, then all you have to do is make a few quick adjustments to your profile! OK Cupid isn’t just a hookup app, and it’s not just a matchmaking service, it’s something in the middle.

I’d say they succeeded in giving a whole new meaning (or a few possible ones) to DTF.

4.5/5 Stars.

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