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When you think of online dating, what do you think of? When you think of dating apps, where does your mind usually go? For me, I usually think of Tinder. Tinder was the first dating app I ever thought to download, and I was still in high school – albeit I was 18 – but still! Like “Googling” has become a term meaning to internet search something, Tinder is becoming similarly synonymous with dating apps.

However, just because something is the status quo doesn’t mean that it’s something you should necessarily sign on to as well. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean that it is the best. That brings us to the topic of other dating apps. For instance: Coffee Meets Bagel. This dating app seeks to be efficient not so much entertaining.

You may remember Coffee Meets Bagel from the popular TV Shark Tank. The co-creators of the app, the Kang sisters, walked into the “tank” they were looking for an offer from Mark Cuban and were asking for 500,000 dollars for 5% of their company. The episode was particularly dramatic, especially when after declaring himself as “out” Cuban made an offer for $30 Million for the entire company. The Kang sisters declined.

And while that seems absolutely insane, one of the sisters justified their decision by saying they see the app growing to the size of, which at the time the episode aired was becoming a billion-dollar enterprise. They said they felt validated that Mark Cuban would set their value at 30 million dollars. However, they believe they made the right decision to keep their company to themselves.

So, how does this growing dating app stand up against The Match group (who owns Tinder amongst other dating apps/sites, and has over $1 Billion in revenue) services? Let’s find out.

First Impressions:

This dating app seems to deviate from a lot of classic dating app structures. For instance, you’re not doing any swiping for once! And there’s no grid of a thousand faces for you to look at. Basically, how it works is that men are given a group of matches based on a learning algorithm. Then those matches are then run through the algorithm which curates a set of matches to women. From there you can choose to connect with people (or to pass) from there you can start a conversation.

However, if you are out of matches, there is an explore page. This is helpful for getting your likes out there, but for me, it was a bit overwhelming. I like the idea of matches getting sent to me rather than combing through all the men within a 100-mile radius of me. I really liked how the matches are curated as opposed to just swiping through.


In addition to the match and discover feature. You have a pretty interesting set of profile questions. Instead of just having 1000 characters to go wild with, your profile is structured with three prompts: I am… I Like… and I appreciate when my date… I like that Coffee Meets Bagel and Hinge does things like this because it makes starting a conversation easier!

What I like about this is is that you’re not giving out random unimportant information, it helps your profile be useful and helps those who don’t know where to begin when talking about themselves.

Additionally, you have the chatbox! However, your conversations are going to expire after a few days (I want to say that the cap is 30 days). So you better make a connection within a reasonable time frame.

Pricing and membership details:

So they have a few options when it comes to upgrades! Their premium service does do a pretty decent job of actually upgrading your profile. You get some useful perks as opposed to bullshit that other apps try to sell you. With premium, you’re going to get an activity report for all the matches you’re given. This shows how often they chat with their matches, who usually sends the first message, when they’re usually active, and what time frame they usually reply within. Plus you’re going to get 15% more “beans” (which is their currency) with each purchase, other flirting capabilities, and message read indicators in your chats.

Let’s talk about beans now! Beans unlock features like extra matches per day and the ability to see mutual friends. You can also earn free beans by inviting people to the app or following their account on Instagram which is nice for people who don’t have a ton of money to throw at the dating app. Beans are also required to send your likes on the discover page, so make sure to use the beans you have wisely or pull out your wallet.


It’s not a game: The reason that Tinder and Bumble are so popular is that it game-ifies swiping for your brain. You’re no longer dating; you’re playing a game. This is why you usually end up with more matches than you do actual conversations. While there is a “like” or “pass” option on this site, you’re not swiping so that game-esque action isn’t involved.

Plus, your matches are super limited. This makes you really focus on who you’ve been matched with and consider that person. You’ll find yourself more concerned with the people you’re looking at and not who’s next in the match stack. This function makes the dating app feel more mature and less like playing a mobile game.

Conversation starters!: The worst part about dating apps, in my opinion, is trying to start conversations. I always find it super difficult. Other than “Hi, how are you?” I don’t usually have much to say when opening a conversation. What I like about this is that you have three spaces to put little conversation starters – like random interesting things about yourself. These pop up for your match when you’re starting a conversation.

This totally helps with matches as it actually gives you something to talk about. This is a great jumping-off point, and the profile helps too because of the way it’s structured.


Limited matches: The only real con – other than some stuff being seriously pay-walled – is that you only get so many matches a day. While this might be frustrating when you’re looking for a hook up, you shouldn’t be too frustrated when it comes to looking for an actual partner or date. This isn’t really a con so much as it is a fact, haha!


In all, I like this app. I think that the system feels mature and it doesn’t lend itself it a game. It feels like dating for adult people who actually want to date, not just hook up with strangers for one night. I’m a pretty big fan!

4/5 Stars.

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