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So in-case you didn’t know; Asian chicks are crazy hot. Asian chicks are hotter than taking a faceful of boiling water right after a session of hot yoga with the devil himself.

I know that sounds tempting, but if you want to find an Asian girl for yourself, you’ll have to head straight for the internet first. You’ll also have to take a peek at a little website called Asian Dating.

If you’re not sure if you want to spend your time and money on this site, don’t worry. I’ve been using the site in all it’s glory for two weeks now so that I could review it for all the other people who had the same questions and concerns that I had. Let’s jump right into it.

First Impressions

Upon first entering the site, it seems a little too good to be true. Originally when I logged on, I thought it was just a site for single Asian girls in my area, but then I noticed that the girls on this site are actually from Asian countries. Tons of girls from The Philippines, China, Indonesia, etc.

It’s not impossible to find girls in your area though because there’s an option to look for local girls. There’s not a lot signed up in my area which is kind of a bummer, but it’s also kind of a good thing because I’d be a little suspicious if there were. Tons of other sites similar to this one are all loaded up with fake profiles created by the people who run the website to get more people interested.

The fact that this site doesn’t have that is already a great sign. Speaking of great, these girls are slammin’. Even if you don’t have an Asian fetish, you’ll agree with me when I say these chicks are breath-taking head to toe.

The sign-up process literally took me less than five minutes. Three of those five minutes, I spent just trying to think of a clever username to pick so in theory, it’s probably even faster than that. I was up and browsing for Asian women in no time at all. Unlike swipable apps like Tinder, you don’t have to skip through endless people to find your type! You can easily search.


I think the most important feature this website has is the fact that it’s genuinely NOT a scam. Some of the users might be scammers, but the website itself isn’t going to steal your credit card info – which is nice. I’ve fallen victim to too many scams online promising “Tons of sexy Asian girls want to fuck in your area NOW!” – Only to realize later that all the girls on the site were pornstars who didn’t even permit the website to create fake profiles with their photos. Lame.

Anyways… Asian Dating has this feature called “CupidTags” that make it way easier to find a hot Asian babe with interests similar to your own. You can ‘tag’ your profile with special keywords like “Movies” or “Archery” so when you finally meet up with one of these girls, you’ll actually have something to talk about.

Since Asain Dating has a ranked membership system, some of these features aren’t available unless you’re a platinum member of the site. One of these features makes it possible for you to record a video that plays on your profile to help you stand out from everyone else and show ladies what you’re all about at the same time.

Something most paid dating sites have a hard time with is giving users the ability to easily cancel their subscriptions. With this site, there’s no bullshit. Canceling your membership is simple. No tricks.

Pricing and Membership Details

As with most paid exclusive dating sites, the free membership is fucking garbage. You’ll kill a ton of time creating your ‘about me’ section before realizing you can’t even send video messages without a legit membership. It’s happened to us all.

With Asian Dating, you can either suffer at the hands of the free membership or you can pony up and get your mitts on either a Gold or Platinum membership.

Each type of membership has its perks. The Gold membership includes all the usual stuff you get with the free version plus instant messaging, access to premium galleries, and this thing that prioritizes your profile above others in the search bar. A one month Gold membership is going to cost you $29.99.

However, you can save a ton of money if you sign up for either three months ($20 per month), Six months ($16.66 per month), or if you’re really serious about finding an Asian hottie, twelve months ($10 per month).

The Platinum membership is for the real heavy hitters though. You can send and receive video messages from people, view videos on other Platinum members’ profiles, and translate messages into other languages. That last one is pretty important because a majority of these girls happen to be from foreign countries. Also, your profile is prioritized higher than even gold members’ in the search function.

Platinum’s going to cost you a bit more than Gold. One month is going to be $34.99, three months is going to be $23.33 per month, six months is a flat $20 per month, and a full year is just $12.50 per month.

I have to say; I love the pricing system this site uses. It’s not going to run your bank account dry, and it really has the customer in mind.


Even though I kind of talked shit about the free membership, I’d like to recognize that still lets you send messages to other members, no matter what kind of membership they’re signed up for. Truly a breath of fresh air.

The automated match system does a lot of the work for you. It finds potential matches by connecting you with people that share similar interests with you. So if you’re like me and you can’t stand scrolling through profile after profile all day, you can kick your feet up and let the website do it.

If you want to do this part yourself, then don’t worry. The site has loads of options for searching on your own. You can specify what you’re looking for based on a ton of criteria points so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

My absolute favorite part about Asian Dating has to be the ‘no-bullshit’ attitude you get when you sign up. It’s not trying to trick you into paying for some weird cam site or something. It’s just trying to connect you with your ideal Asian woman, and I respect that.


I don’t have a ton of complaints about this site other than the fact that I was approached by a few obvious scammers when I first signed up. It’s easy to tell which ones are scammers. Usually, they instantly message you to get card information out of you or ask for gifts, etc.

However, it’s easy to report these dicks and the moderators are always on top of it, so it’s not a huge problem.


Asian Dating is a light at the end of the dark tunnel known as online niche dating. I was able to connect with multiple Asian women who were genuinely interested in me without having to deal with the usual bullshit like hidden fees and fake “staff” profiles. This site helps a lot if Asian girls are your type, so you don’t have to sift through all the non-Asian on sites like Ok Cupid.

If you are interested in finding an Asian hunny to love, then I’d recommend no other site than Asian Dating. I’m giving this site a well deserved 4/5 stars.

It’s a legit and easy way to connect with hotties halfway around the world. Simple as that.

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