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Social Sex Review [ Read This Before Signing Up ]

We have all seen the ads. "Local girls in your area who want to FUCK!" Yeah, Yeah. But what if... those ads weren't bullshit.

What if it were really possible to meet girls in your town who were ready to fuck at a moments notice. Well after using for about three weeks, I feel like I'm finally able to tell the world exactly how it works.

  • First Impressions

    When I first logged into the hookup site, it looked friendly enough, but then I tried to create my account and was faced with multiple problems with the website. I couldn't set my age correctly because the button stopped working and I couldn't reload the page very fast at all. These kinds of features generally turn me off from websites like this, but I heard it's quite the site, so I persevered.

    Three days later when I was finally done creating my account (and giving up my card info), I was able to access the site. Browsing the site wasn't too difficult, but it looks pretty out of date. It looks like I'm using Windows 98 to check my AOL account in this bitch. Maybe in the future, they can focus a little more on design.

    It seems like the girls on this site are genuinely local. I'm no expert on fake profiles, but if these are the best fake profiles they could make, then they need to stop hiring models from the bar at the local bowling alley.

    I'm not that good looking either though so I guess it's not my place to judge. All I know is that this is the most realistic "local fuck" site I've ever been to.

    The site is full of older couples looking for people to meet up with and possibly arrange swinger parties. So if you and your wife/girlfriend are looking to get wild with some strangers online, you might want to check out Social Sex. The community is very active so it shouldn't be too hard to find some new couples who are looking to trade spouses.

  • Features

    Social Sex allows you to browse profiles, look for specific girls using the 'search' function, send and receive messages from strangers, and find people who are interested in chatting with you. Nothing special really. Most online 'meet and fuck' sites do this exact same thing.

    One of the more interesting features this site contains is its ability to actively show you profiles that you might be interested in based on your previous engagements. The site recognizes what you like and targets that demographic for later matches/chats. Say for example, you only message MILFs. Your feed will have a section called "for you" and it includes profiles that are MILFs. It's just like Amazon.

    Other than that, the site's features are pretty underwhelming. I don't know if it's the sites dissatisfying amount of hot girls or the ugly webpage, but this site doesn't seem to be any better than your average 'meet and fuck' site.

    The site also features their own webcam site that you can sign up for that gives you access to smokeshows near you who are caming live. Although the girls on the homepage are sub-par, the girls on the cam site are actually stunning. Almost every one that I viewed was an easy 10/10.

    The userbase on Social Sex is more active than you'd think. My newsfeed was always stacked with people posting their personal 'home videos' and the comments are always encouraging, so that's good.

    It really seems like there's a community here that supports and feeds off each other, which is something you don't get on most 'meet and fuck' sites. Usually, your feed on other sites is almost entirely compressed images of pornstars posted by what I'm assuming is the creators of the site trying to fool people into thinking there's more users/traffic than there really is.

  • Pricing and Membership Details

    If browsing the site alone isn't enough, you can sign up for a full gold membership. Gold allows you to use 'full contact access' to message tons of profiles looking to hook up. You also get to use the sites webcam site to check out thousands of cam models and users on the flagship site.

    As far as pricing goes, you can either pay $30 a month for just a regular monthly membership, $20 a month for their quarterly package - or $60 every three months. You can also fully commit to a yearly membership for just $15 a month.

    Compared to any one of SocialSex's competitors, the pricing is dirt cheap. I've even seen some sites try to get away with charging a sneaky $180 a month in membership fees, so this is a breath of fresh air in my opinion.

    After trying out the gold membership, I can safely say, it's worth it. I was able to chat with a few local girls, a few older couples, and I was even added to a group chat full of bangin' girls looking for someone to share their bed with.

  • Pros

    Having an active userbase is, in my opinion, is one of the most important parts of a fun experience on any 'meet and fuck' site. That being said, I think Social Sex nailed it. And it's always nice to not have my inbox flooded with random messages from bots as soon as I enter the site.

    Swinger couples aren't normally my forte but after using Social Sex for just a few days, I just might have a taste for it. I mentioned earlier that the girls on the site weren't top notch, but I'd now consider that a plus. You can really tell these are real people who want to get down with you and not some fake automated bot looking for your card info.

    Another win for this site is how cheap it is. You could get tricked into paying your entire salary towards a scam on any other site, but this site is really focused on the user experience instead.

    You practically pay pennies on the dollar compared to other sites AND you get access to all the same features. This site gets major points for running with the 'no bullshit' theme that is far too rare in most 'meet and fuck' sites.

  • Cons

    To be honest, the webpage isn't pretty. I know it doesn't matter as much as the actual content, but the look of your site can really add to the overall experience. Hopefully, as the site grows, it can afford a redesign.

    The site is on the slow side. If you don't have a killer internet connection, it's not only going to look like you're browsing porn on your 2005 PC, but it'll feel like it too.

    Even though I clicked on the 'straight' option, I found a suspicious amount of pictures of dudes just solo jerkin' it. That's cool and all, but when you're beating your meat, nothing throws you off your rhythm faster than stumbling upon a grown ass man cranking his pole totally naked.

  • Conclusion

    When you add up the evidence, Social Sex has a lot to offer. Not only is it cheaper than most sites, but it gives you a better user experience too.

    You get to be a part of a thriving community of horny women/couples who are in your area looking for you. If you're just looking to fool around and browse peoples profiles, the free version is more than enough. The Gold membership, however, gets you so much closer to your fantasies without breaking the bank.

    I'm giving a solid 4/5 stars. Besides the ugly webpage, my experience was not bad at all. I could even see myself even buying the yearly membership and possibly finding myself all wrapped up in a slew of cuties. Who knows?

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