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Are you a male seeking men? Well, you might have noticed that there’s an increasing number of apps that are trying to get your business. But let’s be real, you don’t have the time – or space on your phone – to sign up for all of them! You’re going to need to pick an app that you like – and actually works! – And stick with it. But which app is actually worth your time?

Gay Chat App might just be the app that takes the cake! This app is not only going actually to connect you with men, but they’re going to give you some great advice via their blog! So, I did the dirty work for you. I downloaded this app which bills itself as being voted the #1 gay matchmaking site out there. I’ve done plenty of chatting and poking around the app, and this is what I have to say:

First Impressions

My first impressions are the diversity! If you look along the top of the site’s homepage, there’s a scrolling banner with a bunch of photos of their users. And it’s not just hot, ripped, hyper-masculine, hairless studs. They have photos of men of all different ages, body types, and races. So you’re not going to get another whitewashed gay dating site.

What I like about it too is that it’s exclusive. They don’t just let in anyone. You have to complete a full-on questionnaire before you’re allowed access to the site. On top of that, they as you about what you’re into before you sign up so that they can decide who to start you off with as far as matches go. All in all my first impressions are pretty positive.


What’s great about this app is that it’s something familiar. It’s not trying to be Grindr but better and it’s not trying to be Tinder, but better, it’s just trying to be a dating app. It has a really familiar swipe-based interface that’s easy to use – even for people who aren’t used to using dating apps all the time.

I also like that they have self-proclaimed that they’re dedicated to keeping bots off the platform. As a dating app user myself, it’s super frustrating to run into bots. It’s annoying not because I fall for them – well, at least most of the time – but because they totally interrupt my mindset as I’m trying to hunt for a hookup.

Pricing and membership details

Pricing and membership details are a little fuzzy if you haven’t decided to put your email in. Right off the bat, you’re not going to get a lot of information on how much you’re going to have to pay to use the app. However, you do have to pay to use the app. This isn’t one of those freebie apps; you’re going to have to whip out your wallet.

Honestly, I think that there are plenty of dating apps where you don’t have to pay to use the service, but at the same time, people prefer different things. I, for one, canceled my membership after doing my initial investigation of the app… why? Because I don’t date a lot! But if you’re trying to get a boyfriend or get laid like… now, then paying for this app might be the way to go.


Diverse: Honestly, I think the diversity of this app should be highlighted again. They’re not in the business of boosting profiles of super hot hairless guys to the top of your feed – most of which turn out to be bots or fake users they’ve created. I like that they make sure that there is a place for everyone on the app no matter their size, facial hair, or race.

This is a dating app that really showcases the whole gay community, not just the guys who push their way to the forefront.

Must pass the quiz: I like that you have to pass a quiz in order to sign up. I think that they do this because they don’t want people who are too into finding a serious relationship or only into fucking. They want to find people who are okay with whatever happens! This way people are encouraged more to hang out in person (and hopefully hook up!).

Secure and bot-less: This app isn’t the kind that’s going to sell your information to the highest bidder. They also have a closed app – you have to go through that questionnaire and then sign up with your email and payment info – so not anyone is going to have access to the site. I think that this is great for people who are looking for the utmost privacy.


Too exclusive: While I think that in some cases it’s nice that this app is exclusive. However, if you’re like me who doesn’t date too much or if you don’t have the money to throw at all the dating apps online, then I can see how this app is not for you. I think that this app is great for people who are looking for a certain amount of exclusivity, but that might not be the solution for all of us!

Other apps out there: I think that this app is pretty great in its own right, but you also have the competition to compare it to. While I like this app, I think that there are other apps that are doing more and might be a little more effective at getting people to meet. That being said, I don’t hate this app. I just don’t think it’s the best option for the masses.


Gay chat app definitely follows through on its name: it’s an app for gays meant to chat on. I think that it does a great job of creating a diverse and casual community of people who are essentially down for anything. While I understand that they charge to keep the community exclusive, there are other apps out there that can be used free of charge.

3.5/5 stars.

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