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When I think Badoo, the first thing that comes to mind are the countless viners who used to incorporate the dating app into their five-second videos somehow. While impressive, because of this advertising I was convinced that the app wasn’t really worthwhile. I mean, how could internet-famous high school students know what dating app was best for me? A more important question would be, are they even allowed to be on dating apps at their age?

When the opportunity to write this review came across my desk, I was curious: was this an app worth it? Did this app even exist anymore? Where does it stand when compared to the competition? Well, I made an account on Badoo. Want to find out if I found my bae or if Badoo is a total bust? Read my expert dating insider opinion below:

First Impressions

My first impressions of this site are not anything special. The sign up was really easy and took about fifteen seconds to mark my gender, upload a photo, enter my birthday and name. Honestly, I think this sign up process took “quick and easy” to a negative extreme.

I’ve noticed that the longer it takes for you to sign up, the more specific your matches are going to be. For instance, with a site like Meet Mindful, it could take a solid hour to flesh out a profile upon sign-up. On that site, you’re probably going to be able to find someone who not only shares your mutual interest in hot yoga, but you’ll find someone who is also a vegan spiritualist just like you!

Since I wasn’t even required to fill out a bio on Badoo, it’s unlikely my matches are going to be well suited for me. Honestly, I think that Meet Mindful’s sign up process is overkill, but something in the middle of the two extremes would have been nice.

Even if I were just looking for a hookup, I probably wouldn’t be down with any of the people who decided to message me after I signed up.


Badoo seems like it’s a basic swiping and grid dating app. They fuse the two popular formats together to create two kinds of experiences on the one app.

On top of this, they have a few other features that I’ve yet to see with any sort of dating app: an integrated cam site and a look-alike feature.

Just looking at those features, Badoo definitely sets itself apart from a lot of the other dating apps out there. These are pretty unique to just their site, which definitely puts them a rung above where I initially thought they were going to land.

Pricing and membership details

Badoo has a premium membership program that is so aptly called Badoo Premium. This upgrade will allow you to undo your no votes, have your messages rise to the top, view profiles invisibly, find out who favorited you, and see your likes before you see them in Encounters or otherwise.

You also have the option to purchase credits instead of upgrading. You can use credits to purchase the following things to help you get matches: 1st place on the match queue, featured spot, shown more, gits, stickers in chat, and “I’m Online” badge when you’re online.

Credits aren’t cheap, their most popular “mountain of credits” runs for $40. While you’re getting thousands of credits in this mountain, you can be sure that these credits will be worth about as much as a German Mark during World War II.


Cam Site integrated into the app: I think that it’s interesting that the developers chose to integrate a cam site into the app. I think that this is a really interesting way for people to earn credits as well as promote a very naughty environment on the app.

The addition of this cam site makes users believe that this app is truly for hookups, nude sharing, and sexting. I think it’s great for those people who are looking to have a porn app and a dating app all in one.

Look-alikes: One feature that I’ve never seen before on this site is the Look a Like feature. It basically will show you users who not only look like you but celebrities. So, if you’re really into Kim Kardashian, they’ll show you other users that look pretty similar to her.

While I think it’s creepy that my photo is being compared against their entire user base, I think that this could be really helpful if you have a very specific physical type that you’re attracted to.

With this feature naturally comes a lot of fake accounts, so be on the lookout for people who look a little too suspiciously similar to Kendall Jenner.

How they use, connect with FB: Most dating sites will allow you to log in with Facebook (no not Fuckbook). After all, that’s where most of your photos – and your life – is probably documented. However, they use Facebook in a way that I think a lot of dating apps miscounted as being invaluable.

When you connect with Facebook, you’ll be able to see which of your friends have accounts, but you’ll also be able to see their friends. Most people meet their significant other’s through a friend, so it would make sense that you might want to date someone with whom you have a mutual friend.


Popularity levels: One thing that I can’t stand about this site is that they have your popularity level displayed next to your photo on your dashboard. This sucks because not only is it a total trap to try to get you to pay for an upgrade, but it makes you feel shitty about your popularity on the app.

No one wants to be categorized as having a low popularity level… or worse… an average level.

”Play” Encounters: I really don’t like that the site encourages you to “play” when you use their swiping feature. It gamifies the whole experience which to me cheapens it.

I think that if you’re going to charge people for a hookup app that you should make it sexy and if you’re going to charge people for a dating app you should make it romantic, you shouldn’t make it a game. Or if you are, at least make it a sexy one.


In all, I can’t wait to deactivate my account. I’m more of a serious person when it comes to dating. However, if you’re into casual flings, then Badoo is the place to find your boo.

3/5 Stars

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