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No. It’s nothing to do with Snapchat. SnapFuck is a brand new online dating site that combines social media and dating site elements into one little package. It claims to provide users with easy casual sex and one night stands.

But of course, how does the site compare to other apps on the scene? Other SnapFuck reviews haven’t been kind to this little site, so, we’ve put together our own little SnapFuck review.

Legit? Safe? Read on for our deep dive into SnapFuck.

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First Impressions

The SnapFuck website has a bright pink eye-catching design. It looks quite professional, with a vibrant logo and a neat layout. Then there’s a gorgeous teasing woman with a come -hither look in her eye. No obviously-fake selfies of “real users” either. So far, so good.

Below this is a short paragraph which details SnapFuck’s whole ethos:

“ is a contact website for men, women and couples seeking for direct contact, adventure or pleasure. If you want to get in touch, it is as easy as creating a profile and provide photos if you want quicker success.”

This makes it clear what SnapFuck is all about; finding someone for a one night thing. Next to this is a small statement saying that the site is totally free to use (but it isn’t – more on that in the next section).

The registration process is just one box in which you put all your information. Sexual preference, age, username, password, email address and location. Verify your email and your account is ready to go.

First impressions of SnapFuck were pretty decent. It looks the part, it doesn’t overload you with unnecessary adult content material and it makes it clear what the website is about.


Once inside the SnapFuck home page, the site makes some bold claims. It claims to be the number one hookup app in the world, boasting millions of members in every continent. It was impossible to find any figures to verify this, but it didn’t seem to be true at all.

Setting up my Snapfuck profile would have been a breeze, if not for the constant pop-ups asking me to upgrade my membership. This where my suspicions heightened, especially as I was told a few seconds ago that the service is completely free.

Profiles don’t ask for much. Age, location and a few photos. After that, you’re shown al of the local users in your area.

Things only got worse from here. Every time I clicked around to get to know the site a little better, I was constantly asked to upgrade so I could experience the best service possible. It turns out you can’t do anything for free, despite their claims, so for the purposes of this SnapFuck review, I had to sign up.

A few more features opened up, namely the messaging system and the ability to view profiles in full. At this point, it quickly became clear that the place was populated heavily with fake members.

If it wasn’t obvious enough from the bare profiles, the overly-sexual photos and the names like ‘horny-princess,’ then the messages I was receiving made it pretty clear. All of these so-called real girls were desperate to fuck me, despite me only being on line for a few minutes.

When it comes to features, this dating website is pretty lacklustre. Other than sending messages, there’s nothing else to do. No chat rooms, no community-building features. With a name like SnapFuck, I thought maybe they’d utilize the vanishing snaps thing from Snapchat. Nope.

Pricing & Membership Details

As a free member, you can’t do anything except endure the barrage of prompts to upgrade your membership.

Paid customers can “enjoy” the full extent of the site, which involves something akin to communicating with fake people.

For those masochistic individuals who might still be interested, the costs for breaks down like this:

  • 3-day trial – $5.83
  • 1-month subscription – $34.95
  • 6-month subscription – $69.92.

The trial option is okay, but there are much cheaper sites with much better results out there.


You can create an account pretty quickly. The site interface is neat and looks attractive.

That’s it. I’m struggling to think of any others. Honestly, the only other good thing is that you can cancel accounts as quickly as you make them.


Where to begin? Aside from looking pretty good, SnapFuck falls short in almost every other category.

Any hookup site is wholly reliant on its member base, and while SnapFuck has a big member base, none of those members are real. You can’t get laid talking to a piece of software.

Yes, there are some real people hanging about, but they’re so minimal it’s not worth mentioning. Most of them have seemingly abandoned the website since the reply rate on SnapFuck is terrible.

Safety, or a complete lack of safety. Everywhere you turn, there are malicious links being thrown your way. From the site ads to that hot chick who’s “in your area.” Scam members everywhere. No profile protection. If you value your safety, find a different web site.

You can’t re-order your matches by any criteria other than “people in your area.” That’s all there is.

The website claims that it’s the hookup center of the world with individuals all over the world. Methinks this web site is telling tall tales, because I found all the singles in my area to be non-existent.

Snap fuck claims to be a hookup website / social media hybrid. Yet, there are no social media features anywhere. This is something other dating sites do really well, so I think Snap Fuck should get to know sites like AdultFriendFinder and

$34.95 for one month? No way is this the standard hookup price, especially for a web site with no people on it.

Snap Fuck isn’t a place for potential hookup partners to find each other. Really, the only word that comes to mind is scam.

No mobile app available on line. Although in fairness, it’s probably a good idea there isn’t an app.

You’ll enjoy using SnapFuck if you’re also the kind of person who enjoys having his balls nailed to a foot stool. If you’re not that kind of person, avoid.


SnapFuck is bad news. It claims to be a hookup site when in actual fact it’s a scam site.

There’s no possibility of finding sex on here. While there might be a handful of like-minded members on SnapFuck, they’re diluted down by all the fake profiles.

You’ll have more luck finding someone on Snapchat than you would on here. Save your money. There are way better dating sites than this one.

SnapFuck gets 1/5 stars from me.

We hope our SnapFuck review has prompted you into finding a better hookup website. For more reviews, see here.


Is SnapFuck a scam?

While SnapFuck does have a handful of genuine users, the platform is rife with suspicious behavior, potentially harmful links and fake members.

Is SnapFuck free?

No, SnapFuck isn’t a free dating website. While it advertises itself as a completely free platform, full access to the site’s features are only available through a paid membership.

How much does SnapFuck cost?

A three-day trial to SnapFuck costs $5.83, a 1-month subscription costs $34.95, and a 6-month subscription costs $69.92.

How do I cancel my SnapFuck subscription?

1. Login to your account on
2. Click on your user name on the top right hand side of the page.
3. A drop down menu will appear, click on “Settings”.
Click on “Settings” link.
4. On the setting page look for “Account”.
5. Click on “Delete Profile”.

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