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Adult Friend Finder Review [ Read This Before Signing Up ]

When it comes to experimentation, a lot of people get stuck. People will decide that they need something fresh and new… but they don't know how to go about finding it.

That's were sites like Adult Friend Finder come in! So, does this site indeed help you find friends who are looking to do adult things? Want to get some dating secrets when it comes to using this site? Read on:

  1. First Impressions:

    My first impression of this site was that it definitely exceeded expectations as far as these hookup sites go. I personally hate when an app or a site looks too outdated. While Adult Friend Finder has a lot going on, their site is definitely the most well designed of all the hookup sites I've been looking at thus far.

    In my opinion, their sign-up process was super effective. You go through the basics of picking a password and entering your email, but you also give them your gender and what kind of people you're looking to hookup with … And thank god, they have trans options!

    A lot of sites miss the mark when it comes to gender options. How can your site be about sexual experimentation if you do not even include all the gender options out there?

    I also like that you can sign up as a couple or a group! This is great for people who are trying to experiment beyond one-on-one sexual encounters. For those of you who are poly, enjoy group sex, or are looking for threesomes this site is great.

  2. Features:

    This site goes beyond a friend finding site in that they'll not only help you find someone to casually hookup with with but the facilitate a whole bunch of other sexy things.

    Not only can you browse people who want to hookup with you, but you can watch cams and read erotica! And the best part is that the girls on cam and the people writing the erotica aren't professionals! They're users just like you. So, for those of you that enjoy amateur stuff, then this is definitely going to be a site you should check out.

    On top of that, you can have blogs and find answers to sex questions! This site has a whole sexy community attached to it, which I think is really important for people who are looking to expand their sexual horizons.

  3. Pricing and membership details:

    While this app will totally function without you having to upgrade, there are upgrades available. If you want to enjoy the slightly more premium features to their fullest (like the live cam girls), you're going to have to fork over some cash.

    The upgrade will run you either one month for $25, three months at $20 per month, or 12 Months at $15 per month. You'll also get access to the full profiles of members and guaranteed sexual success.

  4. Pros:

    1. Inclusive Gender/Relationship Options: I don't mean to be redundant, but I feel like I have to revisit this point because I'm not sure if you, reader, understand how awesome it is for a site like this to be inclusive with their gender options.

      If you haven't noticed, we seem to be in the midst of a cultural shift regarding sex and identity. While people do still feel shame and discomfort when the topic of sex comes up, people are becoming more accepting of other people's choices as well as their own.

      It's still pretty dangerous to be trans – especially when it comes to dating – but with a site that allows you to mark your identity clearly, the risk lessens! A lot of trans people get hurt when they're dating or flirting with a straight person who assumes that they're cis. When they find out that they're not cis, the trans person is usually subject to some sort of gay panic, which can have physical repercussions.

      By allowing people who are not only trans but participate in sexual lifestyles that would still be considered fringe (like polyamory or swinging) to clearly mark what they're looking for with a site integrated indicator creates a safe and sexy environment for everyone involved.

    2. Nude Cams: While I love me a burger, I sure do love a combo meal. The same goes for cam sites and dating sites! Why would you want one when you could have both all at once! I think that with the addition of the nude cames, this site becomes something between porn and a dating site.

      I love it, and I wish that more hookup sites would fully dive into sexuality in this way. Why try to be modest if you're trying to get people to instantly hookup with you?

    3. Community: What this hookup site does better than the rest creates a sense of community. You have your dating site capabilities, you have your live cam option, and you have your message boards and blogs! These boards and blogs further help people who are looking to experiment.

      Looking to understand swinging? Go no further than a swinger's blog. Want to read some erotica? There's plenty. Want to post your own? Go for it! This site does something that I've only seen accomplished well by the likes of Fetlife.

      I think that his site is great especially because there's a communal vibe to it all.

  5. Cons:

    1. Possible paid interaction? : One huge red flag for me when I logged in was that without uploading any information about myself – not even a photo – I was already getting messages from horny individuals.

      Then again, people might just be that horny – especially the guys – but I find it difficult to believe that people would be all up in a nameless, faceless profile's inbox without there being any information on my profile.

      It could just be people trying to get me before I become jaded or swooped up by the masses. Or it's paid interaction; I'll leave that up to you to decide for yourself.

    2. Pricey: While you can totally use this site without having to upgrade, upgrades certainly do help. However, there are other sites that work much better or at the very last accomplish the same things, and their upgrades are both less expensive, and they don't paywall significant things.

      I might just be cheap, but I don't like to have to upgrade for something I don't find valuable.

  6. Conclusion

    While I think that this site is up there when it comes to hookup sites and adult dating apps, I do think that it has its problems. That being said, I'd encourage people to join! If you're looking for a site where you can experiment with your sexuality, I'd say give this site a go!

    4/5 Stars.

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