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Send snaps, get laid.

Sounds simple right?

This is the slogan for one of the most popular Snapchat sex and dating sites on the market, SnapSex. Not to be confused with another well known Snapchat sex site SnapSext, that turns out to not actually have anything to do with Snapchat at all.

Besides the name, SnapSex has little in common with SnapSext. So if you're deciding between the two and which one you should sign up for, or if both are worth signing up for, there's some necessary information you should know about SnapSex.

To know just how good SnapSex is at delivering their slogan, read ahead to look over our in-depth review on SnapSex.

First Impression

If you stay too long on SnapSex's homepage without clicking anything, the screen image will redirect from their website to a totally different one with a pop-up of a sexy blonde undressing. You'll also see a box-message that she wants to trade pics with you, prompting you to accept by selecting yes or no. If you choose to select yes, you'll be guided through the same sign-up process you would've gone through if you stayed on SnapSex.

This raised concern for me and made me think that SnapSex might just be another scam site promising to help you fuck girls, but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and return to the original homepage to continue.

The one awesome thing I noted on SnapSex's homepage, though, was that they give you an impressive list of girls' snap codes at the top of the page for free! It's usually a good sign if these type of websites offer some of their product for free without you having to sign up. These snap codes are actually real, too, and you'll be adding some sexy stories to your Snapchat.

Before clicking on their big, blue "Enter SnapSex" button to begin the sign-u process, you can scroll down SnapSex to see a couple of questionable customer reviews, a YouTube video explaining what SnapSex is, and some blog posts. Pretty standard layout for a sex and dating site.

Another thing I enjoyed initially about SnapSex was their quick and easy sign-up process. You first have to just answer 4 quick questions that deal with the discretion of the women on the site's identities, and if you're comfortable receiving nude content and can follow a "no relationships" rule. You'll then be asked to select up to 3 images of different body types and which are your preferred, the age range of girls you're looking to talk to, what you're looking for, and the preferred distance between you and her.

Once you fill out all that information, you can enter your e-mail address to create your account for free access.

Now, once you're all signed up and ready to go, the next window could be a deal breaker for some or just another step to get out of the way for others. We're all reluctant to enter our credit card numbers into any website that isn't one we're online ordering from, especially when it comes to dating and sex sites. But unfortunately, that's what you're going to have to do if you want to use SnapSex.

Entering your card info is apparently only so you can get your free access and won't be charged anything, but you will get a free 2-day trial promo to FreeLocalDates GOLD (I have no idea what that is) that renews to $49.95/month if you're not careful to cancel.

This was a total red flag for me since this page not only mentioned one, but TWO, completely different websites than SnapSex, and their name was nowhere to be found on this page than beside in the browser URL box. On the top left corner of this page, you'll also see the logo for MeetBang, a website with a strangely similar layout to SnapSex that claims to find you a fuckbuddy for free.

To me, this seemed like total scam behavior.


If you do decide, however, to continue trying out SnapSex, there are some features that the site claims to have that might make you brush off all the red flags.

Privacy is an essential feature to SnapSex, which if that's something you're concerned about and has dissuaded you from using sites like this in the past, can ease your worries. At SnapSex, they want to create a very discreet site, and that's something you can look more into on their Privacy Policy.

You won't have to worry about your nudes being shared without your permission or anyone you may know in real life finding you and sharing that information with others.


As I mentioned, access to SnapSex claims to be 100% free, but you strangely have to enter payment info from your card to be able to use the site. You might ask yourself, "Well, why do I need to put down my card if it's free?" and rightfully so, since apparently if you're not careful to cancel it, you can get charged for some other site's membership after a "2-day trial."

You could decide if it's worth the risk or not to try out SnapSex.


I'll have to be honest with you and say that there are not many pros to this site. One thing that I did enjoy about SnapSex, however, was that they give people who visit their site sexy girls' real snap codes for free without even having to sign up. Their blog content is also pretty good and gives some great tips when it comes to things like snap sexting. If you're not going to use SnapSex for anything else, you might as well read their blog and get something out of it.

Also, their sign up process is super easy and quick, and you won't have to spend a lot of time on it. The most you'll have to do is, once again, enter your card info.


Just about everything else is a con to SnapSex. All the redirecting and different sites that SnapSex mentions is not really trustworthy behavior. The fact alone that you have to enter credit card information for a FREE website is quite absurd and doesn't create a great sense of trust between the site and their users.

Conclusion & Rating

Unfortunately, it seems like SnapSex isn't the real deal when it comes to sending snaps and getting laid. In my opinion, after reviewing both SnapSex and SnapSext, I'd go with the latter option.

It's not a smart idea to redirect customers to different websites than your own unless you're trying to get more money from them in partnership with those sites, or, those are your sites. There's no way for me to prove that SnapSex, MeetBang, and FreeLocalDates are all the same thing in different clothing, but it's a guess that wouldn't be so far off from the truth.

To save yourself from potentially ruining your credit or falling victim to a scam, I'd advise you not to complete the sign-up process on SnapSex by entering your card info. If a site is truly free, they will never ask you to do that, and if you're going to end up having to pay for access, you might as well use a site that is upfront about it, like SnapSext.

SnapSex gets a 2/5 Star rating.

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